Day 966: La Casa del Portuale, Napoli

Day 966: La Casa del Portuale, Napoli


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another minimalist structure with this building from Napoli. Reminds me a lot of all the futuristic architecture they put in during the 60’s and 70’s and has a bit of a Thunderbirds/ Captain Scarlet vibe to it, probably due to the round protrusion on the left hand side of the building. Loving the weird chimney type things on the top of the building as well though no idea what they are used for. Unfortunately though, the building is no longer standing according to the source image I used.

Till next time!


Day 399: Tuscany Alley

Day 399: Tuscany Alley


Source: Pinterest clicky!

So here we have another one of my attempts at getting quicker with my sketches using scribbles rather than controlled lines, this time still in Italy but of a much quieter alleyway. I choose the picture just simply because I liked the framing that you got from the arch in the alleyway.

As for how it came out, I’m quite happy with it. I do definitely think that I could have got away with pushing the values a bit more than I did which would have helped the focus of the sketch stand out a bit more but I’m pretty happy with the angles and perspective in it and I like the various textures that are in the sketch (especially towards the top half of it).

So were still a couple of days behind but hopefully over the next couple of days we’ll be able to catch up fully again with the posting as my work schedule gets a bit less hectic.

Till then!

Day 398: Piazza Venizia

Day 398: Piazza Venezia


Source: Pinterest pin

So, in an effort to speed up the time I spend doing the daily sketches as I’m really struggling to keep up with the sketching and the posting at the moment I’m trying to develop a sketching style that s fast and loose rather than being as tight as usual. Experiment number 1 for this was done on the above pin that I found on Pinterest which caught my eye of a traffic director in Italy.

As you can see the lines are a lot more messy that they have been lately though I’m definitely happy with how it came out as the subject is still clearly seen and the tone is there. I am especially happy with how the car came out in the background as I usually struggle to draw vehicles in scenes  but this one came out well.

So, it was definitely a lot quicker than the usual sketch I do and actually felt sketchy which was good. I will try and post some other more controlled pieces from other projects in the future in case you liked the controlled stuff but I think I’ll try and work on this style of sketching for a bit.

Anyway, I have to head off for an early start so I’ll be back later with some more posts!

Till then!


Day 276: Pantheon, Rome, Italy

Day 276: Pantheon, Rome, Italy

So as I said I would earlier today I’ve drawn the Pantheon as the next sketch in my current monuments craze.


Quite a non de-script building really despite its historic importance. I do really like the columned entrance though but I’m not sure I really like the back end of the ancient Roman temple all that much, it just seems very bland.

The sketch itself is rather bland too, with not a lot of colour in it things just look a bit washed out but these were the closest I could get to the real colours in the photo reference.I do quite like how the columns came out with the dark shadows standing out against the subdued rest of the sketch.

Not sure what tomorrows sketch will be. I need to find a monument that isn’t the Colosseum as I don’t feel like tackling that just yet. Maybe I’ll do the Great Wall of China or the ruins of the Colossus of Rhodes.

Till then!


Day 274: Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

Day 274: Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

For today’s famous landmark were in the Italian city of Pisa, famous for its architectural error in the form of its leaning tower (which unbeknownst to me up until a couple of days ago is actually the bell tower of the cities cathedral).


Quite a loose little sketch that I had to finish up rather quickly as it was getting towards midnight. I would have liked to have added all the little column details on the sides of the tower but given the time restraints I didn’t manage it. Looking at it however it probably wouldn’t have actually fitted on the paper anyway and would have made the whole thing look a lot more messy.

The people may have been a bit off scale wise as well but as I found out with the Nottingham university building it still looks ok as long as all the people are in the correct scale with eachtoher.

One thing I did find quite odd while drawing this is that the flag pole at the top of the tower is actually straight up rather than slanted like the rest of the tower.

Anyway that was day 274. I’ve got yesterdays to upload in a minute and then, when I’ve hopefully done today’s and uploaded it later we’ll once again be back on track.

Till tomorrow (or in a few minutes)