Day 246: St Catherines Oratory – Isle of Wight

Day 246: St Catherines Oratory – Isle of Wight

So for today’s sketch I intended to draw a old English barn but in searching for an image of one online I came across St Catherines Oratory, a lovely old stone tower on the Isle of Wight. No idea about any of the history of the place but I just loved the look of it standing alone on top of the hill so decided to draw it.


As opposed to the subway sketch yesterday I really enjoyed both drawing this and how it came out and it took me about 30 minutes which is a lot quicker than it normally takes for me to do a daily sketch. I would have preferred it if the background had worked a bit better but otherwise I really like the sketch.

Not much else to say about it though. Not sure what I’ll be drawing tomorrow though I might try and get a photo to draw on the way home from work. So as usual….

Till tomorrow!