Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland

Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So this was another one of the days where I ran out tf time to get this sketch of this small castle in Ireland done. Quite a shame that I ran out of time as well as I was quite enjoying doing it so I think I might return to this one some day and actually get a finished sketch done from it. As for the sketch though I still Like the fact that proportion wise I think I managed to get what I have done down quite accurately. Unfortunately I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about this sketch so let’s just get on with posting the other missing ones and getting us back up to date!

Till then!


Day 540: The Trinity Library, Dublin, Ireland

Day 540: The Trinity Library, Dublin, Ireland


Pintrest linkie!

So a bit of a departure for the architecture and building sketches that we’ve been having lately with this one of the inside of a pretty damn big library located in Dublin, Ireland. Didn’t really plan on actually sketching this image I just loved it so saved it to my inspiration/reference board, but couldn’t find anything else so thought what the hell.

Quite mixed about the outcome to be honest, as its a bit darker and lot less refined than my sketches have been lately which is a bit annoying though not the end of the world. I think in all honesty the complexity of the reference confused me a bit and time constraints caused me to rush bits of it. Still it was a sketch that I’ve hopefully learnt from.So, let’s move onto day 541.

Till then!