Day 272: The Taj Mahal, India

Day 272: The Taj Mahal, India

So, as I said I would yesterday (or rather the day before as this was yesterdays sketch), I’ve continued the sketches of famous landmarks from around the world with India’s Taj Mahal which, if I remember rightly is a rather large and extravagant tomb.


Quite a interesting building to sketch though a little bit monotonous with the colours. Still the monotony probably helped it stand out when I added the greens and the blue around it so maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing.

The actual sketch I’m really happy with. Sure its a little bit squashed horizontally but I still like how it came out and think that its pretty recognisable as the building its meant to be.I did make the sketch a bit small though which was a shame as I could probably have got more details in it if I had made it a bit bigger but then again, I had a bit of a tight time restraint so that might have been a blessing.

Anyway I have another sketch from today to also upload tonight so we can catch back up with the blogs so I’ll see you in a few minutes.

Till tomorrow (or hopefully a few minutes)