Day 556: Boldt Castle, Germany

Day 556: Boldt Castle, Germany


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So another castle for day 556, this time without the tanned paper effect. Again it was just a random castle that caught my attention and that I thought wouldn’t take me all that long to sketch. Luckily though I had a bit more time than I thought I would have to do the sketch so it came out a bit better than I expected it too.

I especially really like the roofs and funnily enough the tree to the side . I think the water could probably have been represented a bit better but all in all I like how the sketch came out and learnt from it, that dark foliage can really help to frame a image, even if the reference photo shows it as a lot lighter.

Again I will try and get caught up tonight but given how the last couple of times I’ve said that have gone I wouldn’t advise that you hold your breath!

Till then!


Day 273: Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Day 273: Brandenbug Gate, Berlin, Germany

Probably one of the most famous landmarks in Germany, the Brandenburg gate is my next port of call on my current trend of sketching famous landmarks.


Done rather quickly when I realised that I didn’t have all that much time left earlier this evening (got to love 4:30am wake ups for work), I decided to pick a random landmark that looked fairly simple to sketch and quickly get that done. This was the first one to pop into my head (well Big Ben was first but I did that one several weeks ago).

Really happy with it as well for how long I spent on the sketch. I’m definitely getting a lot quicker and making line decisions and even though the sketch isn’t perfect it turned out recognisable and mostly in proportion and scale to the real thing. Its also interesting that, at this scale and detail level things like the statue on top only have to vaguely look like its real life counterpart to actually look correct ¬†and that doing things quickly generally ends up with the best result for me.

Anyway that’s all for today’s sketch so I hope you all like the continuation of the landmark sketches with the previously uploaded Taj Mahal and this Brandenburg gate joining the mix. Definitely plan on continuing with them tomorrow, I just need to find one that isn’t the pyramids (I’ll save that one for the end or a day where I’m really struggling for time) so as usual….

Till tomorrow!