Day 956: Andropov’s Ears, Georgia

Day 956: Andropov’s Ears, Georgia 


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, here begins another slew of related sketch subjects, this time back to Architecture but, rather than the usual go to old, gothic or church style architecture that I seem to love, today we go Brutal! Starting with this look at some rather odd, but no less interesting and unique looking structures in the form of Andropov’s Ears. Absolutely no idea what they are used for or where but I know that the look pretty cool and the shadows they cast were worth the sketch alone. Hope you all enjoy it (and apologies if you don’t like this sort of architecture, your in for a few rough blog posts!)

Till next time!



Day 539: Georgian Faerie house

Day 539: Georgian Faerie house


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

So this on I love, the reference is a really interesting looking cottage in Georgia. Called the Faerie cottage I just loved the unique architecture and the fairly organic look of it, even if it is abandoned.

 As for the actual sketch I really like how it came out. I think it was also a pretty quick sketch which makes it even better with everything just seeming to flow well and probably few distractions. The brickwork is one part that I especially like, not that there’s anything that inherently interesting about it I just think it stands out well.

Anyway I hope your enjoying this attempt at me catching up. I’ve got another 6 to go so there should be a fair bit for you all to take a look at when you next visit!

Till then!