Day 545: St-Cinq Lapopie, France

Day 545: St-Cinq Lapopie, France


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So we’ve finally made it! It’s only taken like a month or so to actually get caught back up but we finally have with this post, day 455! Now to try to not fall behind again as uploading one blog a day is enough (not 9 like I have today. At least you lot will have a few things to take a look at when you all check back!).

Chose this quaint little French village scene for today (I sense another new theme starting here). Wanted to try a bit more of a landscape/villagescape scene rather than one building or element as I hadn’t done one for a while so chose this image because, well I’m a create of habit and trends and at the moment, the trend seems to be French villages.

Really like the outcome as well (with one exception). The buildings stand out well enough and the arch frames everything really nicely. I wish the foliage at the back was a bit better but now that I’m caught up I can start actually making these things that I’m noticing focal points rather than noticing them several days down the line.

With that in mind, we can probably expect some foliage practise tomorrow, probably surrounding some French village. Oh well.

Till then!




Day 538: Saint Paul de Vence, France

Day 538: Saint Paul de Vence, France


Reference image: tumbler link

So, were sill in France for day 538 with this really unique and thin looking building that I found on interest. Definitely worth a sketch if you ask me.

Tried something a little bit different with this one in that its a lot lighter than the others have been lately with a lot more emphasise on the broken outlines rather than the solid shapes (I think that made sense though not entirely sure) Quite like how it came out espicially the foliage but I think it may be a bit lacking in wieght and not as impactful as the previous style on the last couple of days. Still it may be wortth trying to find a middle ground and seeing how that looks in the future.

Till then!

Day 537: Lavender fields, Provence, France

Day 537: Lavender fields, Provence, France


Reference image:  Pintrest linkie!

So, were getting a bit behind again but I promise that we’ll catch up this week starting with this sketch of some lavender fields in the Provence region of France. Loved the contrast between the fields and the building/treeline in the reference image and decided that I had to sketch it.

Sketching it was really sun as well which was nice, the lavender itself presented a much easier challenge than I had imagine and I think it came out quite nicely overall. Looking at it though in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have made the dark bits of the house so bold but there we go, another lesson hopefully learnt for next time and I still like the results and the style that its done in, as I said before, much closer to what I wanted and what inspired me to start trying to draw in the first place.

So onwards with the next one in our ever ongoing quest to catch up!

Till then!

Day 536: Saint Michel d’Aguilhe Chapel, France

Day 536: Saint Michel d’Aguilhe Chapel, France


Reference image: pintrest linkies!

So another sketch in this new style which I’m really loving (its much closer to what I wanted when I first saw pen and ink illustrations and wanted to try them out. Took me a while to get round to trying this style properly but there we go) but on a smaller scale than the last two of this crazy chapel built on top of this rock.

I actually tried the sky with this one as well which I normally avoid like the plague as it usually goes horribly but hey, its a sketch so what the hell right? Well the results could probably use a bit of improvement but it didn’t ruin it which was a good thing and vaguely look like sky which I’ll take as a success. I also really like the tower top and how the right hand side of the rock came out.

So were actually on track to catch up, with only 3 more days to go!

Till then!

Day 271: The Eiffel Tower, France

Day 271: The Eiffel Tower, France

As the title suggests I decided to sketch the rather iconic Eiffel Tower today, for no other reason than it popped into my head, also, this time with a bit of colour in it.


I’m actually really happy with how this came out. Sure its a bit lop sided in places but other than that I think it came out really nicely with the colour helping it pop a bit. It was also a lot of fun and no where near as complicated as I imagined it would be to actually sketch it which was a quite surprising bonus for the day.

Unfortunately theres not really a lot else to say about the sketch other than I think I might do a series of world famous landmark sketches starting with this one as I’m thinking of sketching the Taj Mahal for tomorrow (plus if I do a world landmark series I can cop out on a busy day and a sketch a pyramid lol).

Also amazingly, I’ve managed to get this posted on the correct day which is a rarity lately. Anyway that’s all for today so as usual…..

Till tomorrow!