Day 280: The Sphinx, Eqypt

Day 280: The Sphinx, Eqypt

So, I choose a rather simple looking monument to draw for yesterdays sketch, moving back into Egypt and this time taking a look at the Sphinx.


This iconic half man half lion statue turned out however to be a bit harder to sketch than I had first imagined it would be. Mind you, not having a lot of time due to a hospital appointment for our little one didn’t really help matters but still, the face on this was awkward and fairly difficult to get looking kind of right.

I suppose in my defence though I could say that the worn out statue probably doesn’t have the easiest of faces to capture as a lot of the features have disappearedĀ over time, still the shape is definitely there and I think i can claim that its rather obviously a Sphinx.

Black and white was also chosen mainly as a time saving method rather than any artistic choice, though given how carried away I get when using just pen in trying to achieve a decent tone this probably didn’t have all that much success in making it a quicker sketch.

Anyway that was all for yesterdays sketch. Unfortunately I don’t have time to upload today’s sketch now as I have a early start tomorrow so that will have to wait till then so I’ll leave you with this Sphinx and bid you all farewell till tomorrow.

Till then!



Day 275: The Pyramids at Giza – Egypt

Day 275: The Pyramids at Giza – Egypt

So yesterday I didn’t have a lot of time to actually get the sketch done so I used up the most simplest of monuments I could think of in the form of the pyramids, in this case the ones at Giza.


Another fun little sketch and as I hoped very quick to complete as well. I’d never really looked at the Pyramids before so was quite pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually a grouping of pyramids and that the sketch wouldn’t be as boring as a single pyramid in the middle of a otherwise empty page.

In fact the actual pyramids were surprisingly difficult to actually draw as the angles are a little bit odd on them but with the exception of the one that looks a bit squashed I think they turned out nicely.

Anyway this brings us back to the correct day where I think I might have a go at drawing the Pantheon in Rome, so hopefully I’l have that to uplaod later.

Till then!