Day 265: Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Day 265: Burj Al Arab, Dubai

SO, yesterday (or the day before now) I had an 11 hour work shift and family stuff so didn’t have a huge amount of time to do my sketch. Hence why I choose something simpler and why it ended up being black and white rather than colour in the form of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.


Quite liked how this turned out in the end. The building is really striking in itself with its simple but stand out and solitary location and makes for a fun and hopefully, interesting little sketch.

One of the issues that I’ve found when using pens is that you have to push values a lot more than if your using colours as the shadows in the actual photo was a mid grey on the shadowed parts of the building rather than a black that I’ve made them.

Anyway I liked doing the sketch despite the lack of colour and I hope you all like it as well as I need to head up to sleep. I will upload the day 266 sketch thats done in the morning hopefully before I have to go to a work meeting so I’ll see you then and as usual…..

Till tomorrow!