Day 208: Sundial Garden, Heligan

Day 208: Sundial Garden, Heligan

So I decided to revisit Heligan for day 308’s sketch with the intention of doing a sketch where I could try and push the values a bit more, choosing this sundial found in Heligan (where, interestingly enough, someone was getting married on the Saturday we visited, so congratulations to whoever they were!).


Really like this sketch as well. I feel that the shadows are definitely a bit more pushed than I usually end up with in my sketches and I really like how the flower bed and foliage in the background actually look like foliage rather than a random collection of lines and shapes that usually make up my backgrounds.

I’ve also used a bit more solid black in the sketch which is something that usually I’m a bit worried about doing but has helped to push values in this sketch. I also really like how the grass has come out.

Anyway that’s another day caught up on so we’ve now only got two left before were all up to date so I’ll see you all in a minute with another one!

Till then!


Day 306: The Harbour Restaurant, Port Issac

Day 306: The Harbour Restaurant, Port Issac

So on our way back from our weekend in Cornwall my mum wanted to visit the small Cornish village of Port Issac where the TV show, Doc Martin was filmed. A really nice little place as well just be prepared to do a lot of hilly walking if you do visit it and I would definitely advise against driving your car down into the actual village itself as the roads are really narrow.

Anyway, in the centre of the actual port area of the village, there was this rather misshaped and haphazard restaurant which I loved the look of. (slight disclaimer, though. I couldn’t remember the name of the place and I think the name that google gave me, The Harbour Resturant’ was an old one as I’m pretty sure the place is now called Outlaws).

Anway, whatever the place is called here’s the sketch that I did of it.


Nice little sketch as well though my brother’s girlfriend came out a bit wonky int the bottom right-hand corner. Still, I really like how the perspective came out actually looking pretty accurate and the values aren’t too bad.

I also quite like the inclusion of the lady in front of the restaurant as I like the scale that she gives the picture and just adds some other point of interest. One thing I wish that I had managed to do better though was the texture on the building as it doesn’t really look like rough plaster but oh well).

Anyway were now only two days behind (well three by tomorrow but you know what I mean) so I’ll leave you all with these three for today. Hope you all enjoy these little glimpses at my trip to Cornwall and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 304: Twisted Tree

Day 304: Twisted Tree

So for the second day of our weekend in Newquay, my Dad wanted to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan, a large Botanical garden outside St Austell. Now I really like visiting gardens despite not being all that into gardening (having a lifetime membership to the national trust kind of helps with this fondness though). As such I took quite a few pictures while there as gardens are always filled with interesting subjects to sketch (even if I do predominately sketch in black and white).

Anyway while there we came across this rather twisted and interesting looking tree that was at the end of the Georgian Ride so I decided to sketch it from one of the photographs I took of it.


This was a bit of a mixed outcome as I didn’t have a huge amount of time to actually get the sketch done. As such although I was happy with the sketch and the overall shape of the tree I do wish I had more time to actually push the values in it. I do like that I managed to take a photo while my dad was staring up at the tree as it gave the sketch  a sense of perspective and scale.

So yer, apart from the values that I really need to stop being timid with this was another sketch that I liked the outcome of the sketch of the old and twisted tree and would really recommend a visit to the gardens.

Right, that’s another one done. Still another 4 sketches to upload until were all up to date so let’s move onto the next one shall we.

Till then!