Day 231: Colyford Tram Halt – Colyton

Day 231: Colyford Tram Halt Colyton 

So as I said I would probably do so yesterday, today I’ve sketched the tram halt in Colyford, located just before the level crossing and outside the White Hart pub.


This is technically the second station on the line but I honestly can’t remember ever actually being on the tram when someone has got on or off here and I think, its mainly used just as a stopping place while the tram driver signals the crossing lights for the tram.

As for the drawing itself again I am pretty happy with how it came out. Admittedly the perspective kind of has this arch to it but we’ll just ignore it as the rest of the sketch turned out pretty well. I definetely think my foliage is improving at least, even if it is a bit more messy in this one.

Other than this there’s not really a lot to say about the drawing or the halt so we’ll leave it here. Just for completions sake I think I may have to try and draw the depot tomorrow (as industrial looking as it is) so I hope you enjoy this drawing and will join me then to see how that goes.

Till tomorrow!


Day 230: Colyton Tram Station – Colyton

Day 230: Colyton Tram Station – Colyton

So today I decided to do the other end of the tram way that I’ve drawn various parts of several times over the last couple of weeks, this time the station in Colyton.


A much more traditional old time station and in my opinion much nicer looking than the Seaton terminus, this building was originally built to serve a mainline train rather than the trams that it serves today and now houses a cafe and a small play park and seating area to enjoy while waiting for the return tram to Seaton (mainly due to the fact that there isn’t all that much to do in Colyton and the actual station is about half a mile or so from the actual town centre making it more of a actual place you stop at than the Seaton one).

As for the actual drawing this one was so much more fun and successful than yesterdays and strangely enough, a lot quicker to do. I also quite like the colours that I’ve used and how the sky and foliage, although messy, turned out. The only bit I did find a bit awkward was the actual tram tracks in the foreground but, seeing as the focus of the sketch was the actual station building I wasn’t too worried about it.

Anyway that’s today’s sketch which I hope you all enjoyed. Tomorrow I may try and see if I can find a good photo of the last halt/station on the tram way or the shed and depot building to try and get a complete sketch set of the attraction but we’ll have to see.

So as usual….

Till tomorrow!