Day 693: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangzhou

Day 693: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangzhou


Reference image: scroll down a bit till you reach the reference photo!

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a bit of a departure from New York with a random look at a rather unusual place of worship in Asia. I also departed slightly from my previous style that I had with this one being a lot more dark and having more contrast. Mind you I think the whole zoomed out and small scale of it helped with being able to easily push values as there isn’t a lot of flat surfaces to worry about unlike the other sketches.

Till next time!


Day 343: Roman Catholic Church in China

Day 343: Roman Catholic Church in China


So for yesterday it was back to churches again and after a quick google search it turned up this pretty interesting Catholic church situated in China. I found it interesting due to the fact that it looked like quite a traditional western church but with the traditional Chinese tiled roofs and the pagoda style tower on top.

As for the actual drawing style, I went back to the one that I’ve been trying lately, much preferring it to yesterday’s attempts at a newer one. This one also works a lot better at showing a clearer picture though I could probably have to don a better job on the background forested hill than I managed to do.

Anyway, two down one more to upload so let’s not stop now and I’ll see you all again in a few!

Till then!

Day 277: The Great Wall Of China pt2, China

Day 277: The Great Wall Of China pt2, China

So this is the second sketch done of the wall of China, this time in colour and of a slightly more zoomed view through a window of one of the towers (or at least I assume its taken from a window of one of the towers).


Apologies for how slanted it looks. Not sure if that was the actual sketch or the camera angle but never mind. This also shows just how crazy and twisty the actual wall is. Makes you wonder how long it would be if they could have built it in a vaguely straight line.

As for the actual sketch I’m torn between liking this colour one more than the black and white one yesterday. I think this one has more mistakes in it and is a lot messier than the black and white one (for example the rocks which are the yellow brown bits don’t actually really look like rocks but more like bright yellow foliage) but I still like this.

I’m quite pleased as well with how the distance actually looks like its in the distance. The transition between the green shades could have been a bit better mind you but all told the effect I was trying to copy is there.

So there we have it. Two sketches and I’ve still no idea which one I preferred. Would love to here for you guys and girls if you had a preference for the sketch.

No idea what Ill be drawing tomorrow (though I’ll see if I can find something without a wall lol) but I’m sure it’ll be another monument of sorts.

Till then!

Day 277: The Great Wall Of China, China

Day 277: The Great Wall Of China, China

So for yesterday I decided to do a sketch of the Great Wall of China to continue the monuments theme that I currently have. This proved to be a issue in choosing which part of the wall to actually sketch so I decided on a two pronged attack (though in all honesty this came about more during the actual sketch than a decision beforehand) and decided to do two separate sketches of it. This is the first days one.


Choose to do a rather close in view of a section of the wall. Quite surprised that I managed to get the perspective of the wall pretty much correct given how it twits and turns and how I normally have issues with perspective still I’m not going to complain. This one is also done in pen rather than colour which was the main reason for wanting to do two sketches. Basically half way through this one I decided that I quite liked it as a black and white pen sketch without the colour but also wanted to see what it would look like in colour hence the want to do two sketches of the same subject (though luckily its such a big subject that the two don’t look the same.

I’m also really pleased with how the sky came out in this one as I managed to make it almost look like theirs clouds up there so I may just have found a way to show sky, I just need to try and refine it.

Anyway I have the second ready to upload so I’ll see you in a few minutes with that one.

Till then!