Day 264: Rio de Janerio- Brazil

Day 264: Rio de Janerio – Brazil

So today I choose a random image from pintrest to draw again, settling on something different than normal with the focus this time being a city rather than a single building in the form of the, hopefully recognisable Rio de Janerio.


Now I’m pretty happy that I actually choose to sketch this subject as I’ve wanted to sketch the view for a while but have never actually done so on account of being daunted by the whole scale of drawing an entire city.

The actual outcome of the sketch though is a bit of a mixed in that I’m quite pleased with the bottom half with the Christ the Redeemer statue and the actual city and main bay (even if the city is in no way accurate tot he image and just a series of tiny upturned u shapes with some random shading thrown in).

The top half of the picture though is a completely different kettle of fish with its overly awkward attempts at a fading background that didn’t work at all.

Still at least the actual subject of the sketch turned out well so that’s the main thing and I would still like to try and do more sketching of city scapes in the future.

Anyway as usual….

Till tomorrow!