Day 255: Saint Winifred Church – Branscombe

Day 255: Saint Winifred Church – Branscombe

Another church for today to add to my growing collection of church sketches. This time were in Branscombe which, I think I’m correct in saying is the longest village in the country (or at least that’s what I have been told).


Much like the rest of Branscombe the church is really picturesque and has some nice views of the surrounding valley. If only getting into and out of Branscombe wasn’t such an ordeal it would be even nicer still, not much the Church can do about that.

Quite like the outcome of the drawing as well despite it looking a fair bit different to my latest sketches. This one seems to have an old time feel to it, probably down to all the straight crosshatching lines going in the same direction which I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad thing. Mind you I kind of like the outcome so I suppose I don’t think its that much of a bad thing.

I’m especially fond of the treeline in the background as I usually struggle to not make them look like one large messy blogĀ and this time it does seem to have some actual definable tree rows in it which is nice. There is a part of me though that wishes that I had left this as a black and white sketch rather than adding colour but oh well, as I said I still like it.

Anyway that’s us caught up again so I’ll leave you with the churches and see you tomorrow (hopefully). No idea what I’ll be drawing, may even continue with the local churches, who knows. So as usual, I hope you all liked these sketches and…..

Till tomorrow!