Day 765: Claudine at BHLR, Pecorama

Day 765: Claudine at BHLR, Pecorama


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this is another sketch of one of the engines sat at the station at Pecorama I took on a visit the other day. This time the engine is Claudine a small boxy little engine sitting at the station about to turn around and get ready for another loop of the track. Another quick sketch done under a bit of time pressure but I still like how it came out and once again it has a train so automatically has my sons seal of approval!

Till next time!


Day 742: Blanche, BHLR

Day 742: Blanche, BHLR


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this is the final one of the three trains that I’ve sketched from our bank holiday trip to Pecorama. This one was a bit rushed one that was a bit more sketchy than the others and didn’t take as long though I still really like the outcome and how the very front of the train looks especially. I’m also quite like the fact that even though its rushed the perspective is still there which is something that I used to struggle with. Anyway I hope you like the trio of trains that I have shown you over the last couple of days as much as I have sketching them!

Till next time!


Day 741: Knee Deep Creek Mining Company BHLR

Day 741: Knee Deep Creek Mining Company, Beer Heights Light Railway 


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this is the second train from the photos that I took yesterday, this time of a replica of what I assume is a old Wild West locomotive (or at least it looks like it) at a very strange angle to draw from. Still I really don’t think it suffered for it and once again it was a fun sketch and one that has the approval of my train obsessed son!

Till next time!

Day 740: Linda, Beer Heights Light Railway

Day 740: Linda, Beer Heights Light Railway


Reference photo: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, yesterday we had a bit of a train day for my son who’s a bit obsessed with them (as I’d imagine a lot of toddlers probably are) where we took him on the local tram and then to Pecorama where he loves the miniature railway, which, owing to the bank holiday had more tians running so I was able to get a few good photos of some of them starting with this¬† one of one of the resident loco’s Linda. No idea what actual train it’s modelled after but I still really enjoyed the sketch and it has the approval of my son which is the main thing!

Till next time!


Day 256: St Michael’s Church -Beer

Day 256: St Michael’s Church -Beer

So continuing on with the theme of local churches, today we have the one in Beer.


Located just next to Seaton, Beer is a small coastal village with a rich history in fishing and smuggling, using its Quarry caves. The sketch above shows one of the two churches that can be found along the central street of Beer. I don’t really know anything about the Church other than that its in the centre of the the village and seems quite large for a village church. I’ve also never actually been in there so can’t comment on the interior either.

Anyway the sketch turned out nicely although it took ages due to various distractions which I suppose is what happens when you try and do the sketch while seeing your family. The tower is also a bit wider in real life but nevermind, no one would have been any the wiser if I hadn’t said anything and I’ll just claim it was my artistic licence.

Anyway that’s all for yesterdays sketch so I’ll have to love you and leave you as, although I’ve got today’s sketch done I need to get myself and the limpet currently sleeping on me up to bed.

Till tomorrow!