Day 943: Here we snow again!

Day 943: Here we snow again!


Reference image: Personal photo

So, we’ve had another bout of snow around where I live in the UK which is definitely odd and all together confusing (seriously haven’t had an noticeable snow around where I live in 7 years and then suddenly have two heavy snowfalls in 2 weeks, go figure lol).  This is another image to go along with the previous one that I did of the same bike seat, but this time with snow instead of icicles and snow (here’s the other blog post Day 926: Not a usual sight!).  To be honest though I probably only sketched it subconsciously so I could use the awful pun in the title!

Till next time!


Day 926: Not a usual sight!

Day 926: Not a usual sight!


Reference image: Personnel photo

So, if you live in the UK you probably noticed the rather odd and unusual weather we had last week, what with all the snow and such. Anyway, I’ve only ever seen snow like this in my life a couple of times before and can’t remember any apart from the last time, 7 years ago. Not sure that it was this bad last time either as I can’t remember seeing icicles like these that were on my bike seat on Friday morning. So, thought I would sketch it so I had a memory of this weird weather as who knows when we’ll see it next!

Till next time!

Day 670: Axmouth Harbour

Day 670: Axmouth Harbour


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this I really like. Its another sketch of the harbour that makes up the background of this blog just this time with a bit more detail and in black and white. In fact I may have gone a bit heavy on the detail for what is meant to be a 30 minute sketch but what is here I do really like. So much so that I think I might try and finish a version of this off as a personal piece (seeing as I don’t actually have anything I’ve drawn on show in my own home, though I do in my parents and wife’s gran’s).

Hopefully it’ll turn out as well as this bit did but we’ll have to wait and see (if I actually get round to doing it!). Till then I hope you lot enjoy this sketch as I really did.

Till next time!

Day 504: Local Farm Buildings

Day 504: Local Farm Buildings


Reference: Personal photo that I took a little while back of some local farm buildings.

So, for day 504 I found a photo that I’d taken on my phone while filling the last sketchbook and decided that as I was concentrating on buildings in this sketchbook it would be a waste not to use the reference image.

The composition is pretty simple with a old gate and some farm sheds and outbuilding’s in the mid ground. Really enjoyed this sketch as well. Unlike the previous day’s one this one is a lot clearer with the subject matter and you can clearly see the different elements that make it up rather than it all being all jumbled and a bit of a mess with the rendering.

I definitely would have loved  bit more contrast between the two buildings as one is closer than the other but overall I’m happy enough with it and it looks a lot like the actual reference which is the main thing.

So that’s two days down and at least this way even if it’s not consistently every day it gives you guys a bit of a gap between the posts to its not the end of the world, would be nice to get caught up though.

Till then!


Day 442: Old overgrown gate

Day 442: Old overgrown gate


So here we have a rather simple sketch for today of an old iron gate that can be found a short walk from where I live. Quite a simple sketch which I wanted to try and get the shadows in it done correctly (especially the ones in the arch of the gate detailing). Luckily I seemed to have got it  down quite well which is nice and the leaves came out better than I thought they would.

Other than that there’s not really much else to say about it and were now all caught up which is brilliant. No idea what I’ll be sketching tomorrow but hopefully we’ll actually find out tomorrow and not in 4 or 5 days!

Till then!

Day 440: Village Cottage, Axmouth

Day 440: Village Cottage, Axmouth


So were several days behind still so lets get this ball rolling with this sketch of a pair of cottages just up the road from me in the village. Have really liked these cottages and (and the rest of the village to the right of the subject) since I was younger as they have a real old village feel to them.

Really happy with how the sketch came out which is really nice as I like the subject a lot and the foliage and perspective came out really nicely in it. It’s quite refreshing to take a break from the stuff that I’m trying to create (the fantasy and sci-fi stuff) and go back to where my sketching heart really lies in buildings and landscapes.

Anyway we’ve got another couple of sketches to go so lets get on with it and look at another house sketch.

Till then!

Day 439: Old Plough

Day 439: Old Plough


Once again I apologise for falling behind with uploading these but real life can be a bit distracting at times. As usual though, I have kept up with the actual sketching and will get them uploaded at some point so that’s the main thing. For now though, i have this sketch of an old plough in a field up the road from me. Photoed it the other day while taking my son out for a walk and decided it would make a nice quick sketch. Really like how it came out too, especially the background as they usually look disjointed in my sketches.The speed was also a good factor in it as it really didn’t take that long to do. Anyway, as I said I’ve got two more sketches to upload so will try and get round to them (and tomorrow’s) tomorrow but I’m not promising anything so I hope you enjoy the plough for now.

Till then!

Day 346: Village Show Dressage

Day 346: Village Show Dressage

So yesterday was the annual Axmouth Village show where quite a large part of the village turn up for a day of the normal village show stuff of displays by local groups as well as the competition tent with entries from around the village and area. Anyway one of the displays that happen in the centre of the field this year was this guy and his animals.


Now this guy did some fancy kind of Dressage (at least I think it’s that, I don’t really have much of an idea when it comes to horses) but he also had some falcons with him that did some displays while he was on horseback, pretty funky stuff.

So I thought this photo of him that I captured would make a nice daily sketch so went with this. Now, being completely honest with you this is the second sketch that I did of the subject as the first time that I did it the scales of the riders and the horse were awful and completely off and created a horrible sketch.

Luckily the second one turned out by far, a hell of a lot better than the first attempt and is actually a piece I’m pretty happy with, especially given my lack of animal drawings in the past.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s sketch and I have today’s to hopefully show you in a few minutes.

Till then!

Day 252: Our Front Door

Day 252: Our Front Door

So for the start of this new sketchbook I decided to do something a bit different to what I normally do at the start of a sketchbook which is usually a self portrait, instead opting to do a self portrait of our home in the form of our front door. Much more fitting I think for my new architectural focus to the daily sketching (plus I really didn’t feel like doing a self portrait).



Pretty simple little sketch that just shows the front door and our porch as well as the few plants we actually have in the front garden (the place is a bit of a building site at the moment as far as the gardens are concerned). Came out looking a lot brighter than the real thing so that may have been a bit of wishful thinking on my behalf in the colour choices but hey it looks like our front door which is what matters.

So yes that’s the first sketch of the new book done, hopefully welcoming you into the rest of the sketchbook (ok that was cheesy). Not really much else to say about this but I have day 253 to upload in a minute as well so I’ll see you then.

Till tomorrow (or in a few)!