Day 654: Axminster Railway St

Day 654: Axminster Railway St


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, having finished the journey into Exeter on the other line (as far as I can tell seeing as I sketched the terminus for the line a while back) I’ve now decided to sketch the stations and interesting bits along the route that I most often have travelled via train which is the Axminster to Waterloo line. Can’t remember off the top of my head how many stations are actually along the line but I’m using google maps to just follow it and sketching the station names that I actually recognise . Anyway lets get started!

So, this is Axminster station, about 6 miles from where I live. Can’t get a platform view from google streetview but I liked the view of the front of the building anyway so it doesn’t matter. Quite an old looking station with the new addition of the footbridge (I say new it’s probably about 10 years old) when they put the second track back into service. Quite a busy sketch especially with all the cars in the parking lot out front but I got the look fo the station pretty accurately and like the outcome of the sketch. Let’s just hope you lot aren’t getting bored of trains already lol.

Till next time!


Day 389: Small house in Axminster

Day 389: Small house in Axminster 


Source: Personal photo

Now, this was one of them buildings that you never really notice until you have a reason too (in my case, I now have some sort of subconscious lookout for something that I might be able to sketch at some point and am slowly building up a photo library of potential sketch subjects), well, either that or the building is new but it didn’t look all that new. Anyway, it’s located on the small street in Axminster and is a small house with some interesting architectural choices in amongst some much larger buildings.

Quite a fun little sketch though I did do the whole drawing every stone thing again which I said I would try and avoid last time I did a building like it but again, I just got carried away. Still, it came out nicely and I loved the little round windows (I think this was what originally made the building stand out alongside the sand coloured stones).

The biggest thing for em though is that my buildings now seem to have a consistency in style and outcome (if this doesn’t make me sound too big headed) and usually, I manage to get the perspective right rather than it being skewed and off by the large amount.

Anyway, with these three uploaded it only leaves us with today’s missing so I think by tomorrow we’ll be back on track (or rather I hope we are). So, I hope you all like these latest batch of sketches and I’ll hopefully see you then!

Till then!

Day 359: Archway Bookshop, Axminster

Day 359: Archway Bookshop, Axminster


Right sorry for falling behind again but we’ve been a bit busy over the last couple of days but I’ll try and make sure I catch up over the next couple of days (or tonight if I can.

Anyway, to start off we have a sketch of the Archway Bookshop in Axminster located across the road from the church that I drew several days ago, this bookshop looked very nice from the outside (if a little bit plain) and I thought it would make a good sketch.

Done in biro because, well I’ve decided that if it’s in a sketchbook it’ll last anyway and I love the tones that you can get with a ballpoint still so there ya go. Quite like how it came out as well though I feel that I may have spent a bit too much time drawing all of the actual stones on the wall and should probably have just implied they were there with a few patches but oh well.

Anyway there’s still two more days to go so lets get on with it shall we and I’ll be back in a minute.

Till then

Day 356: Axminster Church

Day 356: Axminster Church


Firstly apologies for the weird yellow hue on in the photo, unfortunately, I finished the sketch to late to take the photo with natural light so this was the best option. As for the sketch, it’s of the church in Axminster which I mentioned that I’d taken a couple of photos of yesterday to sketch from due to my whole liking of churches. I also found my stash of fineliners today so have fallen back into using them again (I get the feeling I’m destined to use fineliners and only dabble in other stuff as I keep falling back on them).

Luckily however, it would seem that I’ve improved a bit more since the last time I used them as I think this is definitely one of my better sketches. Sure, perspective is off a bit but the tones and values are an improvement over my usual fineliner sketches, plus I just really like the framing with the trees and the fact that I got the road name (Church Street) in there as well which is a nice touch.

As for tomorrow, I have another couple of pictures from Axminster so will probably be one of them. Hope you like this familiar subject and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Till then!