Day 509: Old Bus

Day 509: Old Bus


Reference image: link tot he site that I’ve used a lot lately to find building images.

For day 509 I decided to try another vehicle based sketch with a continuation of the whole ruined theme that I seem to have going on at the moment with this sketchbook so this is a ruined bus and building somewhere in Australia if I remember correctly from the photo title. Not that I would have placed this is Australia, if anything it reminds me of the assassination mission in COD4 where you play as Captain Price and try and shoot Makarov.

Again I’m pretty happy with how this one came out, especially with the perspective on the bus. I wish I knew how to get consistently fine lines with the pen though as the background mountains aren’t as dark as they ended up being in the actual sketch but its a minor thing and doesn’t actually make any difference to the actual sketch.

Well, there’s a chance I may be able to get even more than two posts done today as I have a bit of time free so will try and get as many as possible done, moving straight into day 510.

Till then!