Day 412: White Pass, Alaska

Day 412: White Pass, Alaska


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So for yesterday we had the last at the moment in the run of train sketches (I’ve finally run out of steam!. This time, however, it isn’t of the actual train but rather the carriages over a canyon in Alaska. I mainly choose the subject because of the bridge and the tunnel which created an offset centrepiece (of that’s actually a thing).

Not the fondest of the results of this piece, though. I found it quite difficult to get the bridge right and any sort of contrast into it as well as the trees (though the white gel pen did help with the trees) but nevermind I’m still glad I did it.

Right, that’s all for tonight. I haven’t uploaded today’s but I’ll try and make sure that I get it uploaded tomorrow as I’m a bit blogged out right now and have to get these up onto DeviantArt as well.

Till then!