Day 846: French village Scene

Day 846: French village Scene


Reference image: Pinterest link

Time taken: 25 minutes

Just another quick one for today of this lovely village scene in France built on a hill, making the focus this building in the foreground (in case you didn’t realise that). Loved the brick work on it and the way the windows and doors look so I hope I did it justice!

Till next time!


Day 844: Old Cottage

Day 844: Old Cottage


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 30 minutes

Had no idea what to sketch for day 844 so found me this little image of an old cottage which had a charm to it. no idea if I managed to capture any of that charm in the sketch but I had fun doing it and don’t think it turned out all that badly.

Till next time!

Day 843: St Andrews Cathedral Ruins

Day 843: St Andrews Cathedral Ruins


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, just another quick write up for this one, with the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral showing what I assume was one of the towers of the Cathedral. Love the rather precarious look of the tower as it looks like its goignt o collapse at any point and I loved the arches in the windows so decided to make this quick, fun little sketch of it!

Till next time!

Day 842: Castle House Island in Dublin, Ireland

Day 842: Castle House Island in Dublin, Ireland


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this was one of the most unusual houses that I think that I’ve ever seen and had to be sketched. Quite why its been built here in the first place I have no idea but I love that someone had the guts to do so (unless it the cause of erosion and originally it was attached to the mainland in which case its still pretty epic how it hasn’t yet fallen into the sea. Anyway I tried to make sure that I put emphasise on the actual house rather than any of the other parts of the sketch and I think it worked well in achieving that aim and was a fun sketch to do!

Till next time!

Day 838: Palacio do Louvre, Paris

Day 838: Palacio do Louvre, Paris


Reference image: pinterest linkie

Time taken: 25 minutes

Back in Paris for todays sketch with this view of one of the sides of the Louvre (no idea which side but I quite like it) as its the sort of architectural style that I like on buildings. Went pretty quickly with it as well and did it in a really loose manner while trying to get the important bits down as well and like how it came out even if there are some scale issues lol.

Till next time!

Day 837: Santa Express 2017

Day 837: Santa Express 2017


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, yesterday it was my mums birthday and also happened to be the date for the Santa’s Express on one of the local heritage railway sites so we decided to have a family day out to it for mum and the little one. Really nice day out and the carriage were very nice and mum loved seeing little one get his present from Santa (a slightly creepy sounding hammer which laughs when you hit things but there you go (sounds like the Jigsaw puppet to be honest))’ which he loves despite the creepiness. Anyway, we were pulled by this lovely locomotive that I managed to get a fairly bad photo of but still, you can see ts a train and I was bale to get the above sketch from it which was nice and made or a nice way to remember and finish a lovely day.

Till next time!

Day 834: Provence Sketch 2, France

Day 834: Provence Sketch 2, France


Reference image: pintrest linkie

Time taken: 20 minutes

Another one from Provence in France with a very similar look to the previous days sketch, also done in a similar way to yesterdays (but maybe even looser than yesterdays). Loved the courtyard look of this one and the planters dotted around it and made them a bit of a focus for the sketch (or at least tried too).

Till next time!

Day 833: Provence France

Day 833: Provence France


Reference image: pintrest linkie

Time taken: 25 minutes

Moving out of Paris we head back to Provence (which I think I have a couple of sketches from previously). Found this lovely image of some of the architecture that can be found there and had to sketch it. Again its in a very loose and scribbled style but I think this is probably more successful at rendering than it is when I try and do things neatly.

Till next time!

Day 832: Arc De Triomphe, Paris

Day 832: Arc De Triomphe, Paris


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 25 minutes

Just a random doodle of the famous Paris landmark Arc De Triomphe for day 832. Really chilled out sketch that came out really nicely I think and I like that the detailing is just scribbling but does actually look like it does in the reference (kind of, maybe). Not much else to say other than that though so here it is!

Till next time!