Day 708: 99 35th St, New York

Day 708: 99 35th St, New York


Reference view:

Time taken: 50 minutes

Another house for today with some lovely contrast in the white railings and red brick building. I’m also loving how different the town houses in New York seem to be in comparison to the one next to them, unlike the copy and paste housing estates that I’m used to here in the UK (though I’m sure that the US has a load of copy and paste housing areas too, just these in New York don’t seem to much like that). ANother fun sketch!

Also, as a bonus I did this small A6 piece of my father in law refuelling his Chipmunk plane in pen and ink which I really like the outcome of (The sky looks a lot better than yesterdays attempt lol!)

Simon and Chipmunk A6.jpg

Till next time!