Day 1014: Statue at Barrington Court

Day 1014: Statue at Barrington Court


Reference image: Personal photo

Another sketch from Barrington this time of one of the many statures that are around the grounds. Not sure who its menat to be but it just looks like your usual classical Greek or Roman soldier in a suitably solider like pose. Not the best sketch either unfortunately as I struggled with the proportions and the shape in general. mind you figures have never been soemthign that I’ve had that much interest in or been that good at. May have to try and practise them some day!

Till next time!


Day 1013: Strode Dining and Tearoom, Barrington Court

Day 1013: Strode Dining and Tearoom, Barrington Court


Reference image: Personal photo

Did this sketch from a photo that I took while we were at Barrington Court, a lovely National Trust property in Barrington near Ilminster, Somerset. Lovely house with some lovely gardens which unfortunately were baking hot on the day. Still I managed to get a couple of photos to do some sketching from one of which you can see above. A wing of the main house, this repurposed part of the building now houses some tearooms (cant remember what it used to be sorry) with lovely ground floor door like windows and some accompanying foliage. Really happy with how it came out as well (and I actually managed to get an accurate number of doors and windows so thats a bonus!) and I really enjoy sketching these old buildings and stately homes and hope it shows!

Till next time!

Day 915: A La Ronde, High Seat

Day 915: A La Ronde, High Seat


Reference image: Personal photo

Another simple little photo from A la Ronde in the form of this lovely wooden seat on the outside of the building. Pretty basic in all honesty but the high back to it makes it look a lot more regal and grand than it is, plus I love the vines on it. Anyway I think the sketch captures the chairs sense and the shape quite well so it does the job and I enjoyed the process as well , as simple as the subject was.

Till next time!

Day 913: A la Ronde, National Trust

Day 913: A la Ronde, National Trust


Reference image: Personal image

This was the other place that we visited last Friday, A la Ronde, A National Trust property located just outside Exmouth in Devon. Definitely an interesting property and one worth visiting if you have an interest in quirky and odd buildings (might honestly not be the best place to visit for families though as unlike some of the other National Trust properties, there isn’t all that much for the younger ones to do). The house itself is unique in several ways, the most obvious being that it has 16 sides. This leads to a rather odd house layout with some very interesting use of space in places (like the worlds smallest triangular library). The owners at some point also had a rather weird obsession with shells as they literally cover everything but, as I said it makes forĀ  pretty interesting building to visit a nice one to sketch as well!

Till next time!

Day 769: Montacute Minaret

Day 769: Montacute Minaret


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, a bit of a quicker sketch for day 768 and the last of the ones from Montacute house, this time of one of the many minaret towers surrounding the main garden of the house. Quite liked this simple looking structure with its twisted top and the dark trees providing contrast behind them and am pretty happy with how it came out for the amount of time the sketch took.

Till next time!

Day 768: Montacute House Corner Tower

Day 768: Montacute House Corner Tower


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another photo sketched from Montacute house, this time of one of the towers house/rooms in the corner of the formal garden with another matching one on the other side. Quite a nice little building with some interesting shapes and details on them given how small they are and quite fun to sketch quickly even if parts are a little bit inaccurate!

till next time!

Day 767: Montacute House, Front Lawn

Day 767: Montacute House, Front Lawn


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, on Sunday we decided to make the most of the day and go do some National Trust visiting at Montacute house. Anyway this is the front view of the house form the driveway leading up to it. Quite a grand house as you can see. Not the best sketch either but its pretty accurate in terms of the features of the building to nevermind.

Till next time!


Day 681: Saltram

Day 681: Saltram


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 45 minutes +/-

So, this was the sketch that I did on the train up to London last Friday. Had a bit more time to do this though I’m not sure how much time I actually spent as it was interspersed between talking with my wife.

Really happy with how the sketch came out though I did realise half way through that the actual subject of the sketch, the house at the National Trust property of Saltram, was a bit boring in comparison to the sketches from New York. Still, I think that I managed to get it down nicely.

Till next time!


Day 395: renovating the library

Day 395: renovating the library


Source: Personal Photo

So, were back in Stourhead for one last time with this sketch of the left side of the building with the library currently undergoing some sort of renovation work. Not really much else to say about the photo really. It was a different angle as I had already done the front of the building (way back in the first month of doing this blog I think).

I tried to copy the style of the previous day and then got a bit carried away with several other techniques including an attempt at a Franklin Booth inspired sky which I think worked but didn’t really seem to gel with the rest of the sketch too well. Maybe down to several different styles being used at once in it but oh well, it doesn’t look all that bad and it actually has a sky that doesn’t look all that bad overall which is nice.

So, that’s probably the last sketch we’ll have from Stourhead for a while at least as I’ve exhausted my supply of photo references. Still, I have several more sketches to upload as once again I’ve fallen behind so let’s move right on.

Till then!