Day 843: St Andrews Cathedral Ruins

Day 843: St Andrews Cathedral Ruins


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, just another quick write up for this one, with the ruins of St Andrews Cathedral showing what I assume was one of the towers of the Cathedral. Love the rather precarious look of the tower as it looks like its goignt o collapse at any point and I loved the arches in the windows so decided to make this quick, fun little sketch of it!

Till next time!


Day 838: Palacio do Louvre, Paris

Day 838: Palacio do Louvre, Paris


Reference image: pinterest linkie

Time taken: 25 minutes

Back in Paris for todays sketch with this view of one of the sides of the Louvre (no idea which side but I quite like it) as its the sort of architectural style that I like on buildings. Went pretty quickly with it as well and did it in a really loose manner while trying to get the important bits down as well and like how it came out even if there are some scale issues lol.

Till next time!

Day 832: Arc De Triomphe, Paris

Day 832: Arc De Triomphe, Paris


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 25 minutes

Just a random doodle of the famous Paris landmark Arc De Triomphe for day 832. Really chilled out sketch that came out really nicely I think and I like that the detailing is just scribbling but does actually look like it does in the reference (kind of, maybe). Not much else to say other than that though so here it is!

Till next time!

Day 815: Carmelite Church, Warsaw

Day 815: Carmelite Church, Warsaw


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 23 minutes

So, this was a relatively quick sketch that I got done before I headed off to work yesterday of a church in Warsaw with some rather grand and detailed facades on it. Loved the columns and the shadows that they were casting on the walls behind it as well as the black spot points on it. Quite happy and suprised with how much I managed to get down for it only taking just over 20 minutes but I was listening to a art vlog and it obviously helped to focus me (or I just didn’t spend loads of time in between getting distracted by stuff, which is probably more likely).

Till next time!

Day 812: Winalow Palace, Warsaw

Day 812: Winalow Palace, Warsaw


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this was a bit of a panoramic sketch for day 812 of the royal Polish palace of Winalow. One of the few buildings to actually have survived all wars complete and as such, a rather big part of Polands history. Not that this made me draw it, I just really liked the grand sweeping look of it and the details that were found throughout the building and wanted to see if I could get them down on a small scale in a reasonable amount of time.

Till next time!

Day 808: St Alexanders Church, Warsaw

Day 808: St Alexanders Church, Warsaw


Reference image: wiki link!

Time taken: 35 minutes

So this was another building that I liked the look of in Poland, though this time in Warsaw, not Gdansk, and seemed like it would be quite a simple one to sketch out as I didn’t have a lot of time. As usual though I managed to take a while over it and give it a bit more detailing than I initially meant to but I guess that’s the sign of a good sketch, when you stop taking notice of the time!

Till next time!

Day 807: Westerplatte, Gdansk

Day 807: Westerplatte, Gdansk


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a bit of a weird when I first looked at it and didn’t actually realise what it was as it looked really alien in the setting it was in but, once I learnt that it was a memorial sculpture it made a lot more sense. Anyway, this is the memorial to the lives given in trying to defend the area from advancing German troops (it was also the first battle in WW2 in the European Theatre as well).

Quite a fun little sketch to do with a  lot of random details on it that I simplified for time reasons (and not actually being able to make the symbols out in  the writing) and a fun sketch overall.

Till next time!

Day 806: Green Gate, Gdansk

Day 806: Green Gate, Gdansk


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, took a bit longer than usual on this one but got a bit carried away with all the details on it. Another building from Gdansk, this grand building was built as a residence for Polish royalty and based off of the city hall in Antwerp. Pretty sure it now houses a museum and some offices though but its still a lovely looking building arching over the pathway which I really love and am pretty happy with how the sketch came out for how loose it is.

Till next time!

Day 682: Elizabeth Tower

Day 682: Elizabeth Tower


Reference image: Done on site across from the tower

Time taken: 45 minutes

So, this was done while taking a break from strolling around London on the Saturday, sat in the small park/garden that’s outside the Hospital, across the river from the Elizabeth Tower in London (more commonly known as Big Ben). Quite a fun little sketch that was nice to be able to do on site (though having an ambulance come past every 3 minutes was a bit crazy.

Quite surprised with how much detail I managed to get into as well though I do with I had more time to get some of the surroundings into the sketch, especially some of the bridge that’s off to the right of it. Still, a thoroughly enjoyable sketch done on site!

Till next time!