Day 1015: Falkenstain Castle Austria

Day 1015: Falkenstain Castle Austria


Reference image: pinterest link!

A lovely castle located in Austria for day 1015 with this really nice looking wooden topped tower in the middle. Like the plants climbing up the side of the tower as well and the height variations in the buildings around it. though I managed to accidently get the perspective a bit wrong on it which was a shame but there we go, still not a bad sketch.

Till next time!



Day 874: Gylen Castle, Scotland

Day 874: Gylen Castle, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 50 minutes

Another one of Scotland in the same vein as yesterdays sketch this time with a bit more than just landscape in it with this lovely ruined castle overlooking the bay beside it. Quite like the look of it though I do prefer yesterdays sketch as I think it has a bit more detention in it over this one, not that this one looks bad or anything and I’m still really enjoying these landscape and stippled sketches and hope that you guys are as well!

Till next time!


Day 869: Konigstein Fortress, Germany

Day 869: Konigstein Fortress, Germany


Reference image: Pinterest link!

Time taken: 25 minutes

Right, so, having realised that in general I only manage to use half the A5 page of the notebook that I use and, seeing as how I usually make my finished pieces A6, I’ve decided to use half a page for each sketch. Another bonus of this is obviously that I’ll get twice the amount of sketches out of each sketchbook (so should be 100 from each sketchbook).

Anyway the first of these A6 sketches is this turret from a castle in Germany overlooking a forest. Might have gone a bit dark with the actual sketch but never mind, theres still something I quite like about it and the actual tower and focus didn’t come out too badly.

Till next time!

Day 849: Viking Style Dwelling

Day 849: Viking Style Dwelling


Reference image: Pinterest link

Time taken: 25 minutes

A lovely little Viking style dwelling that I found on Pinterest is what I’ve done for day 849. At least, I assume its a Viking style building, I’m not really that sure. It looks nice though and made for a fun sketch so thats what I wanted which came out well and is slowly getting quicker.

Till next time!


Day 848: Old village Scene

Day 848: Old village Scene


Reference image: Pinterest link!

Time taken: 25 minutes

Another sketch of a village somewhere, this time showing a street scene seen through a gate with what looks like it could be a old mill or forge in it. Quite liked the look of the beam structures ot the left and the shadows in it. Not sure its the best sketch I’ve done but I enjoyed it all the same!

Till next time!

Day 847: Onate little cottage, France

Day 847: Onate little cottage, France


Reference image: I managed to lose the reference image for this one so apologies, its somewhere on Pinterest

Time taken: 30 minutes

This is a quick sketch of a wooden framed building located somewhere in France.  Liked the medieval look of it and the wheel that was in the bottom half. The details in it are panels are also quite nice and overall I just liked the image and the sketch that came out of it, even if I didn’t manage to finish it completely.

Till next time!

Day 819: Raveljin Set, Efteling

Day 819: Raveljin Set, Efteling


Reference image: image link

Time taken: 35 minutes

Right, another discord chat suggested image for todays sketch in the form of the set for the Raveljin show in Efteling. Decided to try and do a focussed sketch but still place it in its background setting which I think came out ok (though I may have made the foreground a bit too bold looking at it now). Really enjoye sketching this though, especially the front part of it and the mechanical dragon sat behind the set piece.

Till next time!

Day 642: St Petrox church, Dartmouth

Day 642: St Petrox church, Dartmouth


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this was a lovely little church that we walked past a month or so ago when we visited Dartmouth Castle (which this church is attached too). Really nice place as well that had a lovely view overlooking the mouth of the river Dart (apparently you can occasionally see dolphins here as well).

Really liked the how the sketch came out for what was a shorter sketch than the other ones have been even if it does look a bit rough in places.

Till next time!

Day 597: 4 The Sanctuary, Westminster London (Westminster Abbey)

Day 597: 4 The Sanctuary, Westminster London (Westminster Abbey)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 1 hour

So, started a new sketchbook yesterday so decided to do a bit of a more involved sketch as the beginning of the sketchbook (plus, it had to contain a door as per standard to a first sketch in a new sketchbook. Admittedly though, the door is a bit of a stretch in this one). As you can see this also took me twice as long but I was really enjoying the sketch of Westminster Abbey and wanted to try and get as many details into it as well.

Pretty happy with how the sketch came out as well, especially with the amount of detail it had and how much of it I managed to get down. True it’s not entirely accurate but oh well I like it and I hope you do too!

Till next time!