Day 642: St Petrox church, Dartmouth

Day 642: St Petrox church, Dartmouth


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this was a lovely little church that we walked past a month or so ago when we visited Dartmouth Castle (which this church is attached too). Really nice place as well that had a lovely view overlooking the mouth of the river Dart (apparently you can occasionally see dolphins here as well).

Really liked the how the sketch came out for what was a shorter sketch than the other ones have been even if it does look a bit rough in places.

Till next time!


Day 597: 4 The Sanctuary, Westminster London (Westminster Abbey)

Day 597: 4 The Sanctuary, Westminster London (Westminster Abbey)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 1 hour

So, started a new sketchbook yesterday so decided to do a bit of a more involved sketch as the beginning of the sketchbook (plus, it had to contain a door as per standard to a first sketch in a new sketchbook. Admittedly though, the door is a bit of a stretch in this one). As you can see this also took me twice as long but I was really enjoying the sketch of Westminster Abbey and wanted to try and get as many details into it as well.

Pretty happy with how the sketch came out as well, especially with the amount of detail it had and how much of it I managed to get down. True it’s not entirely accurate but oh well I like it and I hope you do too!

Till next time!

Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland

Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So this was another one of the days where I ran out tf time to get this sketch of this small castle in Ireland done. Quite a shame that I ran out of time as well as I was quite enjoying doing it so I think I might return to this one some day and actually get a finished sketch done from it. As for the sketch though I still Like the fact that proportion wise I think I managed to get what I have done down quite accurately. Unfortunately I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about this sketch so let’s just get on with posting the other missing ones and getting us back up to date!

Till then!

Day 558: Whitby Chapel, Yorkshire

Day 558: Whitby Chapel, Yorkshire


Reference image:  Pinterest linkie!

So, for today I decided to sketch this old ruined chapel in Whitby, Yorkshire. Something I would imagine was quite a grand abbey at one point given how large it seems to be though it does seem to be a bit isolated (though this could just be the photo). Anyway it was a fun little sketch where I tried to not go too heavy on the shading it to try and make bits stand out but I’m not too sure if I like it (I definitely prefer the style of yesterdays sketch over this one).

Still the actual sketch is pretty nice and fairly accurate given that it was done quite quickly, though I’m hoping the actual image is a bit more interesting than this blog post as I don’t really have much else to say so yer, at least were all caught up again. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 556: Boldt Castle, Germany

Day 556: Boldt Castle, Germany


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So another castle for day 556, this time without the tanned paper effect. Again it was just a random castle that caught my attention and that I thought wouldn’t take me all that long to sketch. Luckily though I had a bit more time than I thought I would have to do the sketch so it came out a bit better than I expected it too.

I especially really like the roofs and funnily enough the tree to the side . I think the water could probably have been represented a bit better but all in all I like how the sketch came out and learnt from it, that dark foliage can really help to frame a image, even if the reference photo shows it as a lot lighter.

Again I will try and get caught up tonight but given how the last couple of times I’ve said that have gone I wouldn’t advise that you hold your breath!

Till then!

Day 552: French Tower, France

Day 552: French Tower, France


 Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, this random tower in the middle of a lake really caught my eye todays while browsing for inspiration. Really nice building, though I’ve no idea what it was actually used for, though it may just have been decorative as I can’t see it being fit for any other use but, this is beside the point as I just really liked the image.

Luckily, I’m pretty happy with the sketch too though I think I may have made it a bit dark in places but I’m pretty happy with how the water came out. Anyway I’m sorry but apparently I’ve decided that falling asleep is a good idea so I’ll have to cut this blog post short and see you all tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 438: Tarn Crossing Bridge

Day 438: Tarn Crossing Bridge


So decided to actually post a sketch of the actual bridge over the river Tarn that actually gives the settlement. Decided that the bridge itself should be older than the surrounding buildings and therefore made out of stone rather than wood like the other buildings. The idea is that this marks the entrance to the town with the tower on the countryside and the arch on the town side.

Again I liked the sketch (though no as much as yesterday’s) and it quite nice to give the town its namesake. Right, now I’m falling asleep so I’ll upload today’s tommorrow.

Till then!

Day 437: Tarn Crossing Iron Mine

Day 437: Tarn Crossing Iron Mine


So, once again I apologise fro not getting anything uploaded in the last few days. I have though been keeping up with the sketches and have done a couple more Tarn Crossing sketches and a random still life one  so we’ll start off with this one of a Iron mine built into the side of the cliff  around an old abandoned dwarven mine (the stone structure at the bottom.) Quite a fun little sketch, as well as it, allowed me to really break free with a very vertical sketch  as well as trying to get the complicated stairs and layered bits into it which was confusing but still I really like the sketch.

Moving onto the next one….

Till then!

Daty 436: Tarn Crossing Watch Tower and Barracks

Daty 436: Tarn Crossing Watch Tower and Barracks


Another concept sketch today of a watchtower and barracks from the Tarn Crossing settlement. This time I’ve gone a little bit different with the use of stone in the bottom of the building that’s I envisage from being reused from a previous ruin (seeing as I was trying to make everything predominantly wood based).

Quite enjoying these sketches and liking the practice in perspective that they’re providing me and there quite quick to push out which is good. There will probably be some more of these coming out in the future as I much prefer this to the Alphabet Spaceships and I think they look a lot better as an outcome.

Till then!