Day 696: 192-200 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island NY

Day 696: 192-200 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island NY


Reference view: reference view

Time taken: 45 minutes

So, spent a bit more time on this one as I was enjoying it so much. Pretty simple image really with a some quiet houses outside of New York with a  bit of variety and different characters to them. Got pretty excited about how the vehicles turned out as well though, this sketch does show that you should stop when you think there’s enough there and not push it, as I really don’t like how the sky came out. Shame really as the rest of the sketch I really like. Still, a sketchbook is for experimenting in so experiment I will!

Till next time!

686: London Architecture Sketch 3

686: London Architecture Sketch 3


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this is the last of the sketches that I’ve made from photo’s that I took in London (I have a tendency to accidently forget to actually take any photos while on holiday which is a bit annoying). This was a lovely piece of arch work in a random park somewhere in London (yep, I genuinely have no idea where this is. We spent so long wandering around London on Friday that it could have been in a whole load of different places). I did this one a lot quicker than the previous two days and also in .3 nib rather than the usual .1 nib which appears to have given it a cleaner outcome without the thicker line really affecting the quality of it like I worried it would do, instead giving me a fun and quick little sketch of this lovely ornamental archway.

Till next time!

Day 681: Saltram

Day 681: Saltram


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 45 minutes +/-

So, this was the sketch that I did on the train up to London last Friday. Had a bit more time to do this though I’m not sure how much time I actually spent as it was interspersed between talking with my wife.

Really happy with how the sketch came out though I did realise half way through that the actual subject of the sketch, the house at the National Trust property of Saltram, was a bit boring in comparison to the sketches from New York. Still, I think that I managed to get it down nicely.

Till next time!


Day 674: 281-285 Church St, New York

Day 674: 281-285 Church St, New York


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, after the day before sketch I hit the randomise button on google streetview and I bought up this (or just down the street I think but this was much more interesting). Really loved the little café with the buildings around it being a lot taller, kind of gave the café itself a lot more charm as it looks like its a bit out of place but still retains the same urban look as the buildings around it.

Anyway, pretty happy with the sketch. Not completely accurate with scale and some placement but I think a lot of these things are just stuff I notice as I’m the one sketching it, and are probably things that the casual observer wouldn’t, so pointing them out isn’t doing me any favours but oh well, you guys are probably used to it by now. Plus having a point to concentrate on improving on isn’t a bad thing right? (provided of course that I actually do improve on it)

Till next time!


Day 673: 23 Lispenard St New York City

Day 673: 23 Lispenard St New York City


Reference image: google streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, bit of a change for day 671 as we’ve flown half way across the world and gone from a town of 6,000 people to a city of slightly more than that (8,000,000 in the city proper and 20,000,000 in the metro area) as were now in New York, back with the random streetview sketches. Quite an interesting place to sketch as well as, even though all the buildings are apartment blocks there is a lot of variety in them as hopefully I’ll be able to show over the sketches that I do here (there will be a few at least), starting with one of some random apartments with some interesting details to them. Didn’t manage to get all the details down as accurately I hoped with it but I think it was a bit of a learning curve as they have a lot more details on them than I thought they did in the first place.

One thing is for sure though. The sure as hell love external fire exits in the US!

Till next time!

Day 672: Seaton Clocktower

Day 672: Seaton Clocktower


Reference image: Personal photo

Time Taken: 30 minutes

So, another sketch of a part of my local town and again one that I’ve sketched before, here day 223: Jubliee Tower Seaton. This time were on the opposite side of the tower and its obviously in black and white rather than the previous sketch which was in colour (and a bit garish and bright colour at that). I definitely think it shows that I’ve improved over the last couple of hundred days of sketching, with a much better composed and accurate sketch which took only 30 minutes as opposed to the previous one which I think I spent over an hour on.

I also really like the foliage in this one as I think I managed to make it look like different plants without making it look messy or overbearing and ruining the focus of the sketch which is something that I usually struggle with.

So, I hope you all agree that I’ve improved since the last time I did this sketch and it’s actually quite interesting and fun to redo sketches that I did early on in this blog, so I might ty and do a few more in the future.

Till next time!


Day 670: Axmouth Harbour

Day 670: Axmouth Harbour


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, this I really like. Its another sketch of the harbour that makes up the background of this blog just this time with a bit more detail and in black and white. In fact I may have gone a bit heavy on the detail for what is meant to be a 30 minute sketch but what is here I do really like. So much so that I think I might try and finish a version of this off as a personal piece (seeing as I don’t actually have anything I’ve drawn on show in my own home, though I do in my parents and wife’s gran’s).

Hopefully it’ll turn out as well as this bit did but we’ll have to wait and see (if I actually get round to doing it!). Till then I hope you lot enjoy this sketch as I really did.

Till next time!

Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 2

Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 2


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, there’s been a bit more progress made on the construction journal of the new Premier Inn in my local town of Seaton which we can see here in this sketch (the first is this one here Day 652: Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 1). As you can see the basic framework of the first floor has gone up and I liked the angle with the crane in the background lifting more pieces into place. Quite a simple sketch really that didn’t take the full 30 minutes but I still really like the outcome, especially with the crane in there as a focal point. The wire fencing along the bottom is a particular favourite bit as well even if it is a simple and unassuming part of the sketch.

Looking forward to seeing the building take shape and getting some more pictures to sketch of the construction!

Till next time!

Day 668: London Waterloo

Day 668: London Waterloo


Reference image: Network rail link

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, were at the final stop of our journey here in London Waterloo, a station that a lot of you have probably at least heard of as it is the countries biggest and most important railway station (though, as we’ve shown in sketches in the past, definitely not the only one in London). Again I did this one as a overview as it really is a huge building. I also choose to actually add some very basic outline sketches of the buildings that can be found around it as accurately as I could in the time that I was giving myself and I like how it turned out, though, ideally I would have liked to have made the buildings around it more detailed and just had the actual station done in a thicker line to make it pop out.

Still, I like the sketch and think its a nice way to finish our rail journey from Axminster to London Waterloo.

Till next time!