Day 665: Overton Station

Day 665: Overton Station


Reference view: instant streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

Another station that I don’t think I’ve ever noticed us stopping at is in the town of Overton. This view of the station however I really liked, with the footbridge and the factory behind it. Decided to go a bit more solid with this sketch though still using a broken line which worked out a lot better than I think the other ones have done lately which was nice. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete the factory in the background but I quite like the extremely the faded look at the back as I think it makes the bridge and the foreground pop a but more.

Till next time!

Day 651: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 3

Day 651: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 3


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, the final tractor that I plan on sketching from the tractor rally is this one with a front and back loader. As you can probably guess though I may have screwed up the whole composition a little bit as the back loader isn’t at all in view but oh well. What is in view I really like and was happy with how much detail I managed to get down in the time the sketch took and how the perspective looks pretty accurate throughout. Definitely seeing some improvement with these and I hope you guys are too.

Now if only I could get the scale right so that all of the subject fits into the sketch next time, we’d be well away!

Till next time!

Day 650: Colyton Tractor Rally Part 2

Day 650: Colyton Tractor Rally Part 2


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So another tractor for day 650. This time a bit more interesting and unusual in shape as it was very short and squat rather than the usual long engine one. No idea why it’s designed like that or what purpose it was for but I really liked the shape and how it looked a lot more industrial than a usual tractor and was a lot of a fun to try and sketch with the wheels being a bit tricky but coming out alright in the end.

Till next time!

Day 629: South Devon Railway GWR 0-6-0PT 1361

Day 629: South Devon Railway GWR 0-6-0PT 1361


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, another SDR sketch of another of the Locomotives that are used at the SDR, this one in particular is a old freight yard shunting unit that was being used on the day to pull the train that we took, doing a lovely job. Quite a small train in comparison to the one that I sketched the other day and the one that’s upcoming but still a nice little train and in very good shape and made for a well focused and pleasant sketch.

Till next time!

Day 626: South Devon Railway, Locomotive

Day 626: South Devon Railway, Locomotive


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, its turns out that our lovely son (who’s now 16 months old!) loves trains (or Whoo Whoo’s as he calls them) so, we decided at the weekend to take him down to the South Devon Railway where they have a load of old locomotives and rolling stock that runs a old branch line that’s now privatised between¬†Buckfastliegh and Totnes (where it meets a mainline station). Anyway he loved the whole day and looking at and riding on the trains and I managed to get a load of photos to sketch so expect them over the next few blog posts, starting with this one.

Now I’m not sure what the train actually is as I can’t find it listed on the website so I’m assuming its a relatively new locomotive that they’ve picked up. Anyway, I loved the look of it being quite fond of the old diesel haulage locomotives and think that I did the train justice in the sketch and it was fun to do, trying to get all the undercarriage details in, in the time limit (which I went over a bit on but nevermind).

So, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did sketching it. Just wish sometimes that I could do these on site rather than from photos but keeping the little one occupied is more important!

Till next time!

Day 617: 123 Silverthorne Rd, London

Day 617: 123 Silverthorne Rd, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, found a rather random concrete plant in the centre of London while wandering around and thought that it was a interesting building a sketch and a change from what I had been sketching lately. Plus I love industrial buildings so that was a added bonus.

Not a hell of a lot actually in the sketch but the main focus was recorded and that was the bit that mattered (it’s the building in the centre with the concrete tanks in case you were at all confused). Really enjoyed it as well as, as I mentioned above, it was a nice change from the high rises and landscapes that I have been sketching and a bit more relaxed and I hope you all enjoy it too.

TIll next time!

Day 590: A1206, London

Day 590: A1206, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, went a bit over with the time for this one but I was a bit too engrossed in it to stop when the 30 minutes came up. Really enjoyed the subject of this one with the dockside cranes in the background and the swing bridge to the right. The framing of the main subject (the cranes) was also quite nice with the bridge, and the outline of the tree to the left. Not really a hell of a lot more to say about the sketch though, but, in case you hadn’t figured it out I really enjoyed doing this one and the outcome of it and I hope you guys like it too!

Till next time!

Day 583: Cringle St, London (Battersea)

Day 583: Cringle St, London (Battersea)


Reference view: Google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, decided to try and sketch Battersea again for day 583 as I do like the building and how it looks. However I’m going to come straight out and say that I don’t like how this turned out at all. In fact, I think I like the original sketch of it that I did a lot better and that one didn’t turn out brilliantly in the first place. Still these things are there to learn from and I think that making sure everything is actually on the same perspective would have been a better idea in the first place. I do however like the sky in this I just wish the actual subject had turned out better.

So, sorry for having a bit of a self bashing day as I’m sure that’s not why you look at the blog but I like being honest and as long as I take something positive away from it I don’t mind the self criticism and I hope you guys don’t either.

I’ll just have to come back and make sure I get a good sketch of it at some point!

Till next time!

Day 581: Kennington Tesco Carpark, London

Day 581: Kennington Tesco Carpark, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

Bit of a random one for today (though still inside London) in that I decided to draw one of these big cylinder frame things. Now I’ve always been a bit intrigued but these things and never actually really understood what they were for (though I think its something to do with gas storage or something like that). Anyway while wandering around London in street view I came across a few of them and decided that as they were pretty much in disturbed in the background to sketch one.

Pretty glad I did as I liked the practise that the none square and blocky shape gave me and really happy with how it came out. Again I used the whole outlining technique that I had previously tried and I think it worked pretty well here. with the sky also being really simple and not turning out too bad., All in all a sketch I’m happy with!

Till next time!