Day 987: Rebuilt house in Penamacor, Portugal

Day 987: Rebuilt house in Penamacor, Portugal


Reference image: pinterest link!

Loved this random image of a older building being rebuilt using modern techniques and materials to make it a liveable with its wooden top and the old stone work. One of my favourite outcomes of a sketch as well and was  great fun to do!

Till next time!


Day 951: Plymouth Architecture

Day 951: Plymouth Architecture


Reference image: Personal photo

So, another apology for getting even farther behind with blogging but apparently, I get distracted really easily. Anyway this entry is of some buildings that you can see as you exit the Aquarium in Plymouth (providing your heading back to the car park and not straight into town). Admittedly not the most interesting of architecture for sure but I quite liked how it looked so why not sketch it? (Ironically enough, I think it stood out because of the colours on it which obviously don’t really come across in a black and white sketch but nevermind, you can pretend its whatever colour you want it too be). Other than that its just a nice little sketch.

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Day 937: Venice Morning

Day 937: Venice Morning


Reference image: pinterest link!

Found this lovely little view of Venice and some of the many gondolas that you can find plying the waterways. Really loved the look of the buildings and the boats in the water with the strong shadows in it. Might have accidently messed up the perspective in places but I still really like the boats and the right hand side of the buildings and hope you lot do too!

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Day 935: Abandoned Mansion

Day 935: Abandoned Mansion


Reference image: pinterest link!

Edit: Apologises for the slightly blurry image

More buildings but this time a bit more grand and over the top in the form of this old and abandoned mansion which looks more like a temple than an actual mansion. Especially liked the grand staircase in the front of the building and the overgrown and ruined look to it. Not much else to say really, didn’t really learn anything new from this one just enjoyed the sketching!

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Day 934: Thatched Cottage

Day 934: Thatched Cottage


Reference image: pinterest link!

More architecture for day 934 with this lovely looking Thatched Cottage. Choose it as it had a lot of light values on the subject and thought it would make a nice sketch and a nice way to try and practise the whole using light areas to draw the subject rather than my usual dependence on focussing on dark areas. Pretty happy with how it looks as well though I think in the future with these, I might still try and push values a little bit, for example here it would probably have more impact if I made the left wall of the building darker and parts of the round annex bit. Still, learning is always fun!

Till next time!

Day 913: A la Ronde, National Trust

Day 913: A la Ronde, National Trust


Reference image: Personal image

This was the other place that we visited last Friday, A la Ronde, A National Trust property located just outside Exmouth in Devon. Definitely an interesting property and one worth visiting if you have an interest in quirky and odd buildings (might honestly not be the best place to visit for families though as unlike some of the other National Trust properties, there isn’t all that much for the younger ones to do). The house itself is unique in several ways, the most obvious being that it has 16 sides. This leads to a rather odd house layout with some very interesting use of space in places (like the worlds smallest triangular library). The owners at some point also had a rather weird obsession with shells as they literally cover everything but, as I said it makes for  pretty interesting building to visit a nice one to sketch as well!

Till next time!

Day 902: Aurello Murillo, Seville, Spain

Day 902: Aurello Murillo, Seville, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this was just a random suggestion in Pinterest that caught my eye in the feed of the house from the day before. really liked the crowning on the top of this building and the weird way that the balcony was supported from above rather than below. Quite a fun and quick little sketch as well which I’m really happy with the outcome of. Wished I’d had a bit more time to do some more of the surrounding buildings for it though to try and place it better but no worries, its still a nice sketch!

Till next time!

Day 901: Telmo Pavillion, Seville, Spain

Day 901: Telmo Pavillion, Seville, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

Apologies once again for falling behind but I’ve been getting a bit distracted with other stuff at the moment and really need to get back on top of posting these up. Anyway this is another building in Seville, Spain, with, once again the very colourful and decorative styling that, for the above reasons, caught my eye. Also loved the towers on it and how it was just stood there sticking out. Bit of a hard one to stipple though as it turned out, though I think that was down to struggling with the building proportions and structure. Still I think I managed to get there in the end and am happy with it so it’s all good!

Till next time!

Day 888: Torla, Spain

Day 888: Torla, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 60 minutes

Another much more successful sketch of another village in Spain for todays sketch with this lovely bridge in the foreground.  Again I like how this one came out (though I wish the tree lines in the background looked more like actual treelines) and especially like the foreground and the bridge. Still need to work on defining areas more as well but practise makes perfect as they say!

Till next time!