Day 849: Viking Style Dwelling

Day 849: Viking Style Dwelling


Reference image: Pinterest link

Time taken: 25 minutes

A lovely little Viking style dwelling that I found on Pinterest is what I’ve done for day 849. At least, I assume its a Viking style building, I’m not really that sure. It looks nice though and made for a fun sketch so thats what I wanted which came out well and is slowly getting quicker.

Till next time!



Day 846: French village Scene

Day 846: French village Scene


Reference image: Pinterest link

Time taken: 25 minutes

Just another quick one for today of this lovely village scene in France built on a hill, making the focus this building in the foreground (in case you didn’t realise that). Loved the brick work on it and the way the windows and doors look so I hope I did it justice!

Till next time!

Day 844: Old Cottage

Day 844: Old Cottage


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 30 minutes

Had no idea what to sketch for day 844 so found me this little image of an old cottage which had a charm to it. no idea if I managed to capture any of that charm in the sketch but I had fun doing it and don’t think it turned out all that badly.

Till next time!

Day 834: Provence Sketch 2, France

Day 834: Provence Sketch 2, France


Reference image: pintrest linkie

Time taken: 20 minutes

Another one from Provence in France with a very similar look to the previous days sketch, also done in a similar way to yesterdays (but maybe even looser than yesterdays). Loved the courtyard look of this one and the planters dotted around it and made them a bit of a focus for the sketch (or at least tried too).

Till next time!

Day 833: Provence France

Day 833: Provence France


Reference image: pintrest linkie

Time taken: 25 minutes

Moving out of Paris we head back to Provence (which I think I have a couple of sketches from previously). Found this lovely image of some of the architecture that can be found there and had to sketch it. Again its in a very loose and scribbled style but I think this is probably more successful at rendering than it is when I try and do things neatly.

Till next time!

Day 831: Boat planters Brittany, France

Day 831: Boat planters Brittany, France


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 30 minutes

Lovely scene of this boat sat on a river being used as a planter rather which is quite a nice idea and gives a really nice scene. to sketch. Love the buildings alongside of it as well though all the flowers and plants were quite difficult to get down but I think i just about managed it. Still a lovely scene that I enjoyed sketching.

Till next time!

Day 829: Balcony View Paris

Day 829: Balcony View Paris


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

Time taken: 25 minutes

Saw this lovely balcony scene on Pintrest so thought this would make a lovely sketch to try and do, in the vain of the Paris fixation that I seem to have at the moment. Again it was really loose and quick with not much thinking going into it while I was doing it and I really like how it came out despite all the messy lines and scribbles.

Till next time!

Day 825: Parisean Street

Day 825: Parisean Street


Reference image: pintret linkie 

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, found this lovely view of a street in Paris that I thought I would sketch for yesterdays sketch. Super loose but still conveys the scene I think. Unfortunately I’ve kind of drawn a blank as to what else to say so I hope you guys like it and will see you tomorrow!

Till next time

Day 820: Old Thatched Cottage

Day 820: Old Thatched Cottage


Reference image/blog: Short Finals wordpress blog!

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, inspired by watching this guy stream last night twtich link and he was drawing in a non line drawing way (basically he was drawing without outlining) so I decided that I would give todays sketch that treatment. Wanted to try a old cottage again as well and found this lovely image from a blog here on wordpress that I really loved and went for it.

Definitely happy that I did as I love this one. Sure, it could be a bit more defined but I love how light it looks and how more like a traditional pen and ink sketch it is than the usual stuff I do so will have to make sure I do more like it!

Till next time!