Day 668: London Waterloo

Day 668: London Waterloo


Reference image: Network rail link

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, were at the final stop of our journey here in London Waterloo, a station that a lot of you have probably at least heard of as it is the countries biggest and most important railway station (though, as we’ve shown in sketches in the past, definitely not the only one in London). Again I did this one as a overview as it really is a huge building. I also choose to actually add some very basic outline sketches of the buildings that can be found around it as accurately as I could in the time that I was giving myself and I like how it turned out, though, ideally I would have liked to have made the buildings around it more detailed and just had the actual station done in a thicker line to make it pop out.

Still, I like the sketch and think its a nice way to finish our rail journey from Axminster to London Waterloo.

Till next time!

Day 634: Exeter University Chalk Centre

Day 634: Exeter University Chalk Centre 


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, not to sure what I think about this one and the sky is definitely too messy but oh well, the subject is pretty interesting still. Never actually seen these buildings as I never went too university (let alone to Exeter as I’ve been led to believe its a pretty hard university to get into) and never had any reason to be on the campus but I liked the view of the different buildings arranged together. So there we go not much else to say about this one so I’ll leave it there.

Till next time!

Day 615: York Rd, London

Day 615: York Rd, London


 Reference image: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a bit of a architecture study rather than a look at the city of London and the many scenes found there. Found this rather modern and clean building but with a number of details and a interesting shape to it.

Sketch took a bit longer to get the details down than I imagined it would with the building obvio9usly not finished. I do like the accuracy of a lot of the details on the building that I have got down though as they are pretty accurate in placement on the sketch. I do wish though that I could have rendered it a bit better but there we go, at least I have the shapes down.

Till next time!

Day 607: Dovers Pl, London

Day 607: Dovers Pl, London


Reference view: googlegoogle streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So today were looking at some definite differences in residential living that you find in he city with these terraced houses in the forefront and the high rises in the background. Not much else to say really about the view I choose, I liked the randomness of the two high rises, positioned where they were and decided it would make a nice sketch.

the sketch itself was quite loose with me not really trying to worry about straight lines or making everything perfect and I really like the out come. I think doing it like this meant  that I was able to get a lot more into the sketch in the time frame without compromising that much on the outcome of it (or at least I don’t think I have).

Till next time!

Day 606: 8 Victoria Embankment, London

Day 606: 8 Victoria Embankment, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another panorama for day 606. This time of a another bridge in the centre of the city with several high rises in the background including the Shard (or at least I’m assuming its the Shard). No idea what any of the other buildings are in the scene I just liked the way the high rises and the construction framed it and the boat to the left.

Again I’m pretty happy with the sketch and think it portrays the area in pretty good scale and the location of the bits of it are pretty accurate and I hope you like it too!

Till next time!

Day 605: Thames Path, London (Hammersmith bridge)

Day 605: Thames Path, London (Hammersmith bridge) 


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, another panorama for day 605, again from the river but this time of one fo the many bridges that span the river Thames throughout central London. This one in particular is Hammersmith Bridge and I really liked the suspension aspect of it and the towers that stand on either side. Just really nice to see a older suspension style bridge into he city that isn’t Tower Bridge (not that I have anything against Tower Bridge mind you).

Really happy with how the sketch came out as well. I think the bridge is nicely focused in  it and the sketch has a nice sketchy look to it that I sometimes lack in my sketches though I really happy with the finish of it too.

Anyway, I hope you all like the sketch as much as me and are enjoying these panorama sketches as I still have at least a couple more to show and in mind to do.

Till next time!

Day 604: 1 Battersea Bridge, London

Day 604: 1 Battersea Bridge, London


reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another of the Panorama that I really enjoyed doing yesterday, this time a bit further up the river from a boat (or at least I assume it is as I clicked on the water way on google maps). Anyway I choose the subject because of the tower complex to the right which caught my eye and stood out nicely. No idea what its called but it doesn’t matter too much, as it was the skyline that I wanted to capture.

Again I’m really happy with how it came out and would say it was a better sketch than the previous days one. Let’s hope you guys enjoy it as well and let’s hope I can find more of these views to sketch as they really are good fun!

Till next time!

Day 603: Lamberth Bridge, London

Day 603: Lamberth Bridge, London


Reference image: google streetview

Tine taken: 35 minutes

So, another Panorama fro today , this time from another bridge, which, ironically enough is looking at the previous St Georges Wharf building being constructed in the centre of the sketch. I didn’t actually realise this until part way into the sketch but thought it was quite a cool little surprise. No idea if the building to the right is a noticeable one but there we go it looked nice anyway.

Really enjoyed the sketch and how it came out. Quite liked watching the skyline appear on the page as I worked outwards from the tower under construction in the centre of the sketch and really happy (and quite surprised) that I have the perspective, proportions and positioning pretty much spot on.

Anyway I hope you like this sketch and will definitely have to try more of these in the future that’s for sure!

Till next time!

Day 601: A202, London (St Georges Wharf Tower)

Day 601: A202, London (St Georges Wharf Tower)


Reference image: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, tried a bit of a different view for this steetview sketch with a sort of Panorama of the area surrounding St Georges Wharf Tower, the tallest residential building in the country (8th tallest overall. At least according to Wikipedia). Quite a nice looking building that definitely stands out  in the area due to its height. I also liked the view because it looked alive with all the cranes in the background working on other projects across the city. The building to the left of the tower is also really interesting so might need to have its own sketch in the future but that’s for another time.

Really happy with how it came out and the actual sketch overall. Sure there are bits that are slightly off, but it was just a load of fun to sketch and different than the usual concentration on a single building an all the details on it so will definitely be doing more of these in the future.

Till next time!