Day 1016: Eltz Castle, Germany

Day 1016: Eltz Castle, Germany


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another lovely castle this time located in Germany. Containing more towers and elements than the previous one and possibly constructed on the side of a mountain. Prefer the outcome of this sketch as well when compared to yesterdays one as I think I managed to get the proportions and perspective down a lot better. Still a nice little sketch of a ornate castle.

Till next time!


Day 1015: Falkenstain Castle Austria

Day 1015: Falkenstain Castle Austria


Reference image: pinterest link!

A lovely castle located in Austria for day 1015 with this really nice looking wooden topped tower in the middle. Like the plants climbing up the side of the tower as well and the height variations in the buildings around it. though I managed to accidently get the perspective a bit wrong on it which was a shame but there we go, still not a bad sketch.

Till next time!


Day 1013: Strode Dining and Tearoom, Barrington Court

Day 1013: Strode Dining and Tearoom, Barrington Court


Reference image: Personal photo

Did this sketch from a photo that I took while we were at Barrington Court, a lovely National Trust property in Barrington near Ilminster, Somerset. Lovely house with some lovely gardens which unfortunately were baking hot on the day. Still I managed to get a couple of photos to do some sketching from one of which you can see above. A wing of the main house, this repurposed part of the building now houses some tearooms (cant remember what it used to be sorry) with lovely ground floor door like windows and some accompanying foliage. Really happy with how it came out as well (and I actually managed to get an accurate number of doors and windows so thats a bonus!) and I really enjoy sketching these old buildings and stately homes and hope it shows!

Till next time!

Day 990: El Patio Cathedral – La Habana, Cuba

Day 990: El Patio Cathedral – La Habana


Reference image: pinterest link!

Went a bit dark in this one with this lovely looking bell tower as the focus. Not sure why I went dark but no worries it gives a bit of a different look to it. I also think it may have been down to trying to sketch with a different pen that has a slightly wider nib than the usual 0.1mm nib that I usually use. Either way they both produce nice sketches and I think I might so some more with this one!

Till next time!

Day 977: 9F Steam Locomotive

Day 977: 9F Steam Locomotive


Reference image: pinterest link!

This lovely steam locomotive was a request from a person on a train discord server. Pretty happy to do the request as well as the locomotive is gorgeous and I’m really happy with how the sketch came out. On another note, unrelated to the actual sketch I’m currently 24 days behind on posting these blogs so expect the next batch to be pretty sparse in wording as I need to get them up and caught back up!

Till next time!

Day 968: Class Y111509968189.L

Day 968: Class Y111509968189.L


Reference image: pinterest link!

Not entirely sure that the engine is actually called what I’ve titled it but that is what the pinterest image was titled. Also have no idea what the actual engine is as I’ve never seen one like this before though I can only assume it was used for yard work and shunting. Anyway, usage aside I just had to sketch it purely for how odd it looked as a locomotive and am pretty happy with how the sketch came out, especially liking the stark highlights on the predominantly dark front.

Till next time!

Day 950: Industrial Abandonment

Day 950: Industrial Abandonment


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to architecture now having ran out of interesting things to sketch form the Aquarium so instead, we have this nice tall old industrial unit. No idea what it was used for but I like how imposing, odd and, most likely precarious it probably looked when it was built. Other than that it was a fun little sketch with a nice outcome at the end so a success and filled the architecture withdrawal symptoms I’m sure I was suffering by then.

Till next time!

Day 931: Spitfire and Pilot

Day 931: Spitfire and Pilot


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this was a bit of a departure from what I’ve been drawing lately and a completely random find but I loved it the moment I saw it and know that I had to sketch it. Quite a interesting one to try and do quickly as well with the whole black and very dark tones in it as these tend to take a while with stippling so this sketch probably took a bit longer than usual but I really didn’t mind. In fact, unless I’ve got a deadline such as work or the end of the day I don’t really seem to actually care how long I stipple for and can very easily just sit here for several hours stippling something (granted though, this is rarely one of these sketches but usually some finished piece that I’m trying to do). I just really love the medium and technique!

Till next time!

Day 925: HMS Victory

Day 925: HMS Victory


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another old ship, this time a British one in the form of HMS Victory. (or at least one of the many ships to sail under that name throughout history) A large 104 gun, First rate Ship of the Line that served as flagship for a number of Admirals, most notably Lord Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar and apparently the oldest commissioned naval vessel in the world (though admittedly, its current commission is as a museum in Portsmouth). Another nice sketch that I enjoyed doing. Actually really enjoying these ship sketches so expect to see a few more in the future!

Till next time!