Day 931: Spitfire and Pilot

Day 931: Spitfire and Pilot


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, this was a bit of a departure from what I’ve been drawing lately and a completely random find but I loved it the moment I saw it and know that I had to sketch it. Quite a interesting one to try and do quickly as well with the whole black and very dark tones in it as these tend to take a while with stippling so this sketch probably took a bit longer than usual but I really didn’t mind. In fact, unless I’ve got a deadline such as work or the end of the day I don’t really seem to actually care how long I stipple for and can very easily just sit here for several hours stippling something (granted though, this is rarely one of these sketches but usually some finished piece that I’m trying to do). I just really love the medium and technique!

Till next time!


Day 925: HMS Victory

Day 925: HMS Victory


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another old ship, this time a British one in the form of HMS Victory. (or at least one of the many ships to sail under that name throughout history) A large 104 gun, First rate Ship of the Line that served as flagship for a number of Admirals, most notably Lord Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar and apparently the oldest commissioned naval vessel in the world (though admittedly, its current commission is as a museum in Portsmouth). Another nice sketch that I enjoyed doing. Actually really enjoying these ship sketches so expect to see a few more in the future!

Till next time!

Day 924: Small Diesel Engine

Day 924: Small Diesel Engine


Reference image: Personnel photo

So, another train for day 924. Was deleting some old photo’s on my phone when I came across this old, little diesel shunter which was in a siding along the Santa by Rail route that we had been on before Christmas (can’t remember the station it starts at but I know the route goes to Kingswear down Dartmouth). Was quite surprised I hadn’t sketched it already and enjoyed doing this one.

Till next time!


Day 923: Steam Tractor

Day 923: Steam Tractor


Reference image: Personal photo

Another photo from Bicton (some of you may have noticed that I accidently stated that the previous Hermitage one was the last from Bicton. Woops). This was one of the engines in the really nice museum that they have there full of old tractors including the steam ones, plenty of other old farm equipment and a room with a load of old motorcycles (like the ones you’d see in the old American films like Smokey and the Bandits). Anyway this was one of the old Steam Tractors that I liked and wanted to sketch. Kind of has a slightly faded look to it but I quite like it!

Till next time!

Day 922: USS Constitution

Day 922: USS Constitution


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another ship for day 922, this time the USS Constitution. Probably one of the most famous sailing ships from the past which I always thought was a huge ship though, having a look at other ships, I’ve realised that it’s not actually that big. Anyway again it was a very fun and nice sketch and I think it came out very nicely and I hope you like it!

Till next time!


Day 920: Lady Washington

Day 920: Lady Washington


Reference image: pinterst link!

Bit of a curveball in theme with this one but I just had to sketch it. Love the look of these old ships with their huge masts and the whole regal and grand look to them (even if, I’m pretty sure this one is just a trade ship). Didn’t really know how the sketch was going to turn out when I started it but I’m actually really happy with the end result. It’s even given me a taste for sketching further ships like this!

Till next time!

Day 919: Glenfinnian Viaduct, Scotland

Day 919: Glenfinnian Viaduct, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another Scottish sketch to start off another new sketchbook and my first one that will be solely stippled. Thought this train running across this viaduct seemed suitably epic for the occasion. Seriously though, look at the reference image thats a pretty high viaduct. Architecture and trains, what’s not too love? Plus, predictably my son liked it and that’s the best sort of praise!

Till next time!

Day 918: Leonach Cottage, Culloden, Scotland

Day 918: Leonach Cottage, Culloden, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another old style building, this time from Scotland in the form of this traditional cottage. Loved the look of it and how I was able to sketch it in a very suggestive way without having to add much tone but was still able to get the idea across. All in all a very nice sketch that I’m really happy with!

Till next time!

Day 894: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain

Day 894: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain 


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, from one sketch that didn’t turn out brilliant to one that I really like. Love the whole setting of this scene and city in Spain with its huge bridge across the chasm into town with the old buildings in the background. Really think this one came out really nicely as well and is probably my favourite one of the recent ones that I’ve done, even if, contrast, which I’m usually all over isn’t as strong as some of the other architecture ones in it.

Till next time!