Day 811: Another Old Barn

Day 811: Another Old Barn


Reference image: wiki link

Time taken: 30 minutes

Another random jump back into buildings with, what I can only assume is some sort of Polish style barn seeing as that’s what I googled. Unfortunately I’ve no idea for certain what it is as the wiki page translated from Polish (or what I assume is Polish) to some other language which isn’t English (my linguistic skills are rather limited to say the least). Anyway, regardless of what it is actually used for I quite like the general shape and the materials that the building was made from. Looking at the reference image now though, I realise that I should probably have pushed the tones and the shadows a bit more but the shape is there and I think there getting a bit more consistent with the perspective and stuff, which is the idea of these daily sketches (though I actually need to do something with this skill that I’m trying to build up).

Till next time!


Day 651: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 3

Day 651: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 3


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, the final tractor that I plan on sketching from the tractor rally is this one with a front and back loader. As you can probably guess though I may have screwed up the whole composition a little bit as the back loader isn’t at all in view but oh well. What is in view I really like and was happy with how much detail I managed to get down in the time the sketch took and how the perspective looks pretty accurate throughout. Definitely seeing some improvement with these and I hope you guys are too.

Now if only I could get the scale right so that all of the subject fits into the sketch next time, we’d be well away!

Till next time!

Day 650: Colyton Tractor Rally Part 2

Day 650: Colyton Tractor Rally Part 2


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So another tractor for day 650. This time a bit more interesting and unusual in shape as it was very short and squat rather than the usual long engine one. No idea why it’s designed like that or what purpose it was for but I really liked the shape and how it looked a lot more industrial than a usual tractor and was a lot of a fun to try and sketch with the wheels being a bit tricky but coming out alright in the end.

Till next time!

Day 649: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 1

Day 649: Colyton Tractor Rally 2017 Part 1


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, last week we had a local tractor rally running for the bank holiday and it past my parents-in-law’s house where we watched it with the family so, understandably, with 100+ old tractors driving past I had to get some photos to sketch.

This was the first one that I sketched of the photos I took of this old tractor. No idea what it is make and model wise but nevermind I liked sketching it and think it came out nicely so that’s the main thing. Also give you guys a break from trains.

Till next time!

Day 551: Farmhouse and Barn

Day 551: Farmhouse and Barn


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, this one was actually pretty much finished tot he stage where I’d want it to be. Quite a nice and interesting barn with a lot of different shapes joined together in it to give the overall structure with the farm fields in front. I unfortunately accidently squashed the building a little bit when compared to the reference image, but never mind, its only noticeable when you know what the reference image looks like and I’m still pretty happy with the actual sketch so let’s get todays uploaded!

Till then!

Day 537: Lavender fields, Provence, France

Day 537: Lavender fields, Provence, France


Reference image:  Pintrest linkie!

So, were getting a bit behind again but I promise that we’ll catch up this week starting with this sketch of some lavender fields in the Provence region of France. Loved the contrast between the fields and the building/treeline in the reference image and decided that I had to sketch it.

Sketching it was really sun as well which was nice, the lavender itself presented a much easier challenge than I had imagine and I think it came out quite nicely overall. Looking at it though in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have made the dark bits of the house so bold but there we go, another lesson hopefully learnt for next time and I still like the results and the style that its done in, as I said before, much closer to what I wanted and what inspired me to start trying to draw in the first place.

So onwards with the next one in our ever ongoing quest to catch up!

Till then!

Day 506: Old Barn

Day 506: Old Barn


Reference image: found the actual image in a random tab I had open

So, ignoring the fact that I’ve probably used this title before on another daily sketch post we have another barn for you all today done again in newly found and loved brush pen. Definitely a lot more intricate and detailed than the previous day as I wanted to see what I could do with the brush pen whilst still learning it.

I think I managed to push the values in it well and have indicated shadow in it though I think being able to get a slightly finer line would help overall though I’m not sure if I can control it that well (though the point isn’t to fine in the first place to be honest).

Anyway I still love the outcome of the sketch and how the tool allows for quick sketching. Happily I’ve also managed to get two more posts up today so good day all round.

Till then!

Day 505: Old Farm Building

Day 505: Old Farm Building


Reference image: Same site that I’ve used a lot lately for reference image

So, this day was a bit of an experiment for me. My Uncle had got me a set of Faber Castell pens for Christmas, one of which was a brush pen. As such I decided to give it a bit of a try out to see what there like and boy am I glad that I did. Since then my sketches have got a lot quicker and the results in my opinion are a lot better but anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

For day 505 as such, I choose to do something simple and easy that didn’t really take a whole lot of thought but would allow me to try out several things with the pen (such as creating shadowed and light areas of the same texture and as well as trying to simulate grass.

All in all really like the outcome and have come to love the pen so much over the last 10 days or so of using it that I’ve ordered a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to try out as well as it’ll run out before long at the rate I’m using it. Ironically enough though, the ink cartridges arrived today before the actual pen but there ya go, what to do, hopefully the pen will arrive tomorrow or something.

Till then!

Day 504: Local Farm Buildings

Day 504: Local Farm Buildings


Reference: Personal photo that I took a little while back of some local farm buildings.

So, for day 504 I found a photo that I’d taken on my phone while filling the last sketchbook and decided that as I was concentrating on buildings in this sketchbook it would be a waste not to use the reference image.

The composition is pretty simple with a old gate and some farm sheds and outbuilding’s in the mid ground. Really enjoyed this sketch as well. Unlike the previous day’s one this one is a lot clearer with the subject matter and you can clearly see the different elements that make it up rather than it all being all jumbled and a bit of a mess with the rendering.

I definitely would have loved  bit more contrast between the two buildings as one is closer than the other but overall I’m happy enough with it and it looks a lot like the actual reference which is the main thing.

So that’s two days down and at least this way even if it’s not consistently every day it gives you guys a bit of a gap between the posts to its not the end of the world, would be nice to get caught up though.

Till then!