Day 845: For Honour Centurion

Day 845: For Honour Centurion


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 40 minutes

Bit more involved with the sketch from yesterday as it was the first one in a new sketchbook and I wanted to draw soemthign a bit different and choose this pose of the a Centurion from the game For Honour. Think I managed to get the pose down well and the proportion aren’t too bad in it (though the sword should be a bit bigger). I’m particularly happy with how the left arm came out (his left).

Till next time!


Day 495: Green Arrow

Day 495: Green Arrow


Reference Image: Source image was pretty much this one though quite a bit darker.

So, again were really far behind but screw it, lets try and get at least a little bit caught back up before I end up way to far behind starting with this Boxing Day sketch of Green Arrow. Now I have to put my hands up and say that I have no idea who Green arrow actually is but never mind, I really liked the image and wanted to draw an archer so there we go.

Turned out quite nicely, though I think the face could have been a bit better as the eyes looks a little bit off. Still the foreshortening came out well which was probably the biggest part of the sketch so that’s all good and the hand around the bow turned out well.

Anyway given that I have god knows how many days to upload lets get ion with it and move onto the next one shall we?

Till then!


Day 490: The Dark Knight

Day 490: The Dark Knight


Reference image:: website clicky!

So, firstly Merry Christmas to everyone who follows the blog  (a couple of days late I know but nevermind). Secondly, my apologise for getting really behind on posting these blogs. As usual though, I’ve been keeping up with the actual sketches which is the main thing.

Unfortunately though, this means that we now have a load of days to catch up on starting with this Batman to go with day 489’s Joker. Quite happy with this sketch as he actually came out looking quite accurate and I really like the stark black contrast with the black pen.

So, that’s one down, only another half a dozen or so to go before we’re caught up, better get typing tomorrow me thinks!

Till then!

Day 489: Why So Serious?

Day 489: Why So Serious?


Reference Image: Apologies, I closed the tab and now can’t find the exact image that I used as reference.

So, with the best intentions of continuing the Christmas theme I managed to get distracted watching a youtube sketching video and instead, ended up drawing Heath Ledgers Joker looking rather dejected but in his usual evil way.

Really like this sketch as well as I love the expression on his face and how I managed to get some good looking eyes from this sketch which is something I usually struggle with and I love his iconic mouth with its tearing up the side,  overall, just a really nice sketch that I think came out well.

So, another two more to go to catch up but I’m also falling asleep now so will have to do them tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 486: Goblin

Day 486: Goblin


Reference image: image link!

So, here we change from vampires to Goblins, specifically, those that resides in Goblin Town from the Hobbit films. Another film series and book that I really like and have already done several sketches from (Radagast was the most recent one I think).

Again I like the outcome of this one though didn’t think it would work out at all whilst actually doing it. Admittedly though it does look a lot better now as originally I did have several other goblins in the background but unfortunately, there wasn’t anywhere near enough contrast in the goblins and it looked like a mess, hence why I went with solid black background.

I also really like how I managed to successfully forshorten the goblins hands and thank god for the white gel pen or none of this would have stood out in the end. I’m also really happy with his expression, overall just a really fun sketch.

Right one more for tonight as I don’t have today’s photogrpahed so lets get as caught up as wer goign to tonight!

Till then!

Day 485: Marishka

Day 485: Marishka


Reference image: Lost the reference image I’m afraid, but if you search for Van Helsing vampire brides it should be one of them.

So, another Van Helsing themed sketch for day 485, this time though in the form of one of Dracula’s brides that are seen attacking the town early one in the film (no idea which bride falls during the fight though). Anyway, I choose a snarling image or her from this scene though blacked out her background.

Really love the look of this sketch, in the end, especially the expression on her face and her mouth. I think the black background helps portray the horror and evil look as well.

So, another Van Helsing themed sketch and another blog post down, at this rate we may just catch up tonight!

Till then!

Day 484: Van Helsing

Day 484: Van Helsing


Reference image: source image link

So, once again were miles behind and I plan on having a bit of a blitz this evening to catch us back up starting with this sketch of Van Helsing.

No idea why I really choose to sketch Van Helsing. I assume it was a google search result for some other search that I was doing but there we go. Quite a fun and quick sketch that came out quite nicely when it comes to my normal figure sketches as most of this one seems to be in proportion, and although a little cartoony the face still doesn’t look too far removed from the actual actor.

Really liked the added background as well and how I tried to make it sit back from the focus of the sketch. Not sure if it’s a style that I want to do with every sketch but I think it worked here.

Anyway, this is just one of the 5 days or so that I have to upload so I think we should just try and push forward with it so I'[ll see you all again in a minute!

Till then!

Day 483: Werejaguar

Day 483: Werejaguar


Reference image: picture clicky!

So, today we have another Teen Wolf sketch, this time of a Werejaguar (at least I think it’s that but having never seen the show I’m not entirely sure).Probably one of my favourite sketches that I’ve done in a while and it was a quite fun to do as I just didn’t really think much and just drew bits of the sketch between doing other things.

Also, I choose to give this one a black background and the border around it which is something I haven’t done in a little while so that I think actually helps with the sketch (don’t worry it’s not quite as wonky in real life, the camera just did some funny stuff with it).

Right, so were now all caught up again so let’s hope I can keep up from now on (though let’s not hold our breath). We ‘ll have to see tomorrow though.

Till then!

Day 482: Berserk

Day 482: Berserk


Reference image: image link

So were back in the whole fantasy theme again but this time we’ve moved away from StarWars to Teen Wolf. Now I’ve no idea what Teen Wolf actually is having never seen any of the series but this monster looked suitably dark and evil enough to sketch from yesterday sketch.

Quite a fun sketch of a monster known as a Beserker. As you may have noticed I’ve kind of given up with the whole Frank Miller style comic look and just gone with the look that I naturally seem to end up doing most of my sketches in as they always end up like this anyway so I may as well just try and develop it.

Really liked the outcome of the sketch as well. It was pretty quick and ended up looking a lot more accurate then I thought it would as I was doing it. Definitely want to do more sketches that contain ribs/bones in them as I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to get them looking correct

So, we’ve got another random Teen Wolf sketch that I did this morning so let’s  get that one uploaded too and then we’ll all be up to date!

Till then!