Day 954: Abandoned Train Station

Day 954: Abandoned Train Station


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, this was a pretty cool looking building in Poland that had several different descriptions depending on what Pinterest image I was looking at. One said it was a industrial station and another said it was a passenger station (in which case it would be a pretty industrial looking passenger station). Either way it looked pretty awesome so I had to sketch it.



Day 953: Paper Factory Acid Tower, Germany

Day 953: Paper Factory Acid Tower, Germany


Reference image: pinterest link!

A pretty interesting and cool looking structure assumedly attached to a paper factory somewhere in Germany. No idea what the actual structure is used for or why its there but I liked it and it intrigued to me which I think is the perfect reason to sketch something! Maybe next time I sketch soemthign like it I can also not give it a Tower of Pisa vibe lol!

Till next time!

Day 950: Industrial Abandonment

Day 950: Industrial Abandonment


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to architecture now having ran out of interesting things to sketch form the Aquarium so instead, we have this nice tall old industrial unit. No idea what it was used for but I like how imposing, odd and, most likely precarious it probably looked when it was built. Other than that it was a fun little sketch with a nice outcome at the end so a success and filled the architecture withdrawal symptoms I’m sure I was suffering by then.

Till next time!

Day 665: Overton Station

Day 665: Overton Station


Reference view: instant streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

Another station that I don’t think I’ve ever noticed us stopping at is in the town of Overton. This view of the station however I really liked, with the footbridge and the factory behind it. Decided to go a bit more solid with this sketch though still using a broken line which worked out a lot better than I think the other ones have done lately which was nice. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete the factory in the background but I quite like the extremely the faded look at the back as I think it makes the bridge and the foreground pop a but more.

Till next time!

Day 557: Old Mill, Upper Slaughter

Day 557: Old Mill, Upper Slaughter


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So for yesterday I decided to try and sketch this lovely little water mill in Upper Slaughter (yes that is actually it’s name. God know what’s happened here to give it this name. I’m hoping it just had a lot of Slaughterhouses or something like that). Anyway I really liked the photo and the at the waterwheel was attached to these lovely old factories for decided to sketch it.

I also really happy with the way this came out. Not entirely sure why as some of my others have been a lot more refined but this is one of my favourites that I’ve done recently (maybe even for a long time). I think its the fact that I actually managed t get some definition between the different arts of the structure despite the actual tones not being that different from each other.

I also really like the sky in this despite it being done pretty crudely. Will definitely have to try this way of sketching a bit more in the future.

Till then!


Day 544: Old Steel Corporation

Day 544: Old Steel Corporation


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, rather amazingly were actually on yesterday’s sketch. Yup, we’ve nearly caught up!

Anyway we have a bit of a random sketch for yesterday in the form of this old Steel plant in the US (or at least I assume its in the US). Quite a detailed image that I just loved the look of what with all its industrial parts and the brutal functionality of it (as opposed to the recent stream of quaint countryside villages) and just thought it would make a nice sketch.

Now it’s definitely safe to say that I took some artistic licence cuts with this as anyone that glances at the train tracks will be able to tell but nevermind, the actual Steel Mill came out really nicely (plus I was watching/playing with my one year old son at the time so that’s my excuse). The sky was also a bit of an experiment for me with attempts at stippling to represent the sky and the light areas, the clouds. Not sure it came across completely so may have to work on that but it’s as good or better than any of the other attempts I’ve made at a pen and ink sky.

Right so were now a whole day away from catching up! Seeing as it would seem a shame to not get that done tonight let’s swiftly move on!

Till then!

Day 499: Old Factory

Day 499: Old Factory


Reference Image: site I used to lately to get a lot of images to draw from in regards to buildings.

So for day 499 I choose to sketch out this old factory building (that I found on the same site that I have been finding a lot of references on lately). Quite a detailed sketch here with a lot of line work in it and shadows so thought it would make an interesting and engaging subject.

Found this one quite challenging to sketch really as I hadn’t given myself a lot of room and as I said above, there was quite a lot of detail and small line work to go into it. Overall though I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Some of the black lines look a bit to harsh and bold (which is ironic given what I was saying in day 498’s blog) but other than that I like the outcome of it, especially the smoke stack which is a slightly random thing to pick out but there you go.

Think I’m going to leave it at two days for today (which is two more than I normally manage lately so I’m not going to complain too much) as I want to hit the sack so I’ll see you all tomorrow for, hopefully, another couple of blog posts (we may actually catch up at this rate!).

Till then!