Day 517: Old House

Day 517: Old House


Reference image: Unfortunately this was one of the tabs that were lost so apologies for that> I can’t even remember what site this was on either so my bad.

so this day was the last of the ones done with the felt tip pen as my new pen arrived shortly after I had finished this sketch. Just basically a random old house (though I think I saw it labelled as a old school somewhere). Probably the most detailed of the sketches that I have done with a brush nib and one of the more time consuming ones.

Pretty happy with the actual outcome but the sketch definitely didn’t excite me as much as the last couple did with all the still life things. To be honest, I think I may have gone a bit to detailed for the mood I was in that day but no worries, I still like the outcome. Only got time to upload this one today so will see you all tomorrow where hopefully I ‘ll have more time to upload blogs for you all!

Till then!


Day 516: The Doctor will see you now

Day 516: The Doctor will see you now


Reference image: My apologies again but as with the phone edge crashed and lost all my tabs. I know this was a photographer on deviantart though.

So, this is my favourite of the three still life ones I’ve done in the last few days. I love the whole sense of foreboding that a abandoned medical table gives, made even worse by the looming lights giving the impression of something staring down over you.

I purposefully emphasised them a bit in the sketch as well as they were easily my favourite part (I think I like drawing equipment and machines) though I like how stark the bed is in contrast to the room around it, almost as if its been recently cleaned unlike the room around it.

So, as you can probably tell I’m just really happy with how this one came out in genereal even though it does look very sketchy and rushed, it was just a really fun sketch and will hopefully bide you guys over until I can get more uploaded.

Till then!

Day 514: Prison Barber

Day 514: Prison Barber


Reference link: Pintrest clicky!

Bit of a change up today as we now have a bit of abandoned still life sketching in the shape of this ruined Prison Barbers chair. Quite an eerie and menacing looking photo that I had to sketch as it fit the current theme and was something a bit different to what I’d been sketching over the past week or so.

Really happy with how it came out as well I think the high contrast that I managed to achieve with the black shadows and the white chair as well as trying to texture the walls around the 0subject to help it stand out came out as planned. The one bit that I did struggle with a bit though while doing the sketch was trying to get the perspective correct but I like how it came out and I don’t think it shows that much

Apologies for anyone who read this before I realised that half of the text was missing. Don’t know what happened there but I’ve fixed it now and will see you all tomorrow!

Till then!