Day 652: Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 1

Day 652: Seaton Premier Inn Construction Part 1


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, decided that it would be a bit of an interesting project to sketch the construction of a hotel in my local town, seeing as its right next tot he main road through town and easy to take photos of and, well its at the beginning of its construction. Plus I like construction stuff and watching things being built.

As I said though, its the very start of the project (having just put the support pylons or something in, I have no idea when it comes to construction) so the sketch is a bit empty but it has some nice machinery at work in it. Realised I’d made the sketch a bit busy as well so made sure that I outlined the subjects of the sketches so we can actually make them out which worked quite nicely.

Now we just need to wait till there’s some sort of actual progress to get the next sketch done!

Till next time!

Day 618: Thames Path, Fulham London

Day 618: Thames Path, Fulham London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, back with the construction images again today with another one from the river Thames of this huge construction site in Fulham. No idea what they’re building but it was certainty a large project and as usual, I liked the look of the cranes looming over the construction site in the foreground.

Quite a busy view as well with all the spaces in the shell of the building and all the dark against the light but I think by and large I managed to get a sketchy representation down and I’m happy with it. Still want to get a bit faster with these sketches though so I can try and get more of the scene in but I need to walk before I can run!

Till next time!

Day 606: 8 Victoria Embankment, London

Day 606: 8 Victoria Embankment, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another panorama for day 606. This time of a another bridge in the centre of the city with several high rises in the background including the Shard (or at least I’m assuming its the Shard). No idea what any of the other buildings are in the scene I just liked the way the high rises and the construction framed it and the boat to the left.

Again I’m pretty happy with the sketch and think it portrays the area in pretty good scale and the location of the bits of it are pretty accurate and I hope you like it too!

Till next time!

Day 603: Lamberth Bridge, London

Day 603: Lamberth Bridge, London


Reference image: google streetview

Tine taken: 35 minutes

So, another Panorama fro today , this time from another bridge, which, ironically enough is looking at the previous St Georges Wharf building being constructed in the centre of the sketch. I didn’t actually realise this until part way into the sketch but thought it was quite a cool little surprise. No idea if the building to the right is a noticeable one but there we go it looked nice anyway.

Really enjoyed the sketch and how it came out. Quite liked watching the skyline appear on the page as I worked outwards from the tower under construction in the centre of the sketch and really happy (and quite surprised) that I have the perspective, proportions and positioning pretty much spot on.

Anyway I hope you like this sketch and will definitely have to try more of these in the future that’s for sure!

Till next time!

Day 601: A202, London (St Georges Wharf Tower)

Day 601: A202, London (St Georges Wharf Tower)


Reference image: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, tried a bit of a different view for this steetview sketch with a sort of Panorama of the area surrounding St Georges Wharf Tower, the tallest residential building in the country (8th tallest overall. At least according to Wikipedia). Quite a nice looking building that definitely stands out  in the area due to its height. I also liked the view because it looked alive with all the cranes in the background working on other projects across the city. The building to the left of the tower is also really interesting so might need to have its own sketch in the future but that’s for another time.

Really happy with how it came out and the actual sketch overall. Sure there are bits that are slightly off, but it was just a load of fun to sketch and different than the usual concentration on a single building an all the details on it so will definitely be doing more of these in the future.

Till next time!

Day 600: Cursitor St, London

Day 600: Cursito St, London


Reference image: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, unfortunately I managed to forget that it was the 600th day until I got to the end of the sketch so I haven’t actually done anything special for it in terms of subject choice, instead doing this sketch of more construction going on in London, mainly for my new obsession with construction cranes.

Even more annoying was how the sketch didn’t actually come out all that well either with some of the proportions and perspective a bit off. Still you can tell what it is which is the main thing and the cranes look nice which, seeing as they were the main focus of the sketch is probably the main thing.

I’ll just have to make sure the next few make up for the fact that I forgot that this was the 600th sketch!

Till next time!

Day 585: York Way, London

Day 585: York Way, London


Reference view: google steetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, we continue with the construction theme for day 585 with this view of a building being constructed along York Way in London (though given that this is the instantstreetview website, there is a very high chance that this building has been finished already by now). Still the view looked really nice and would allow me to give the building site a focus while still having the high rises on the right to give the sketch location and context. Really happy with the outcome as well. Would probably have liked to have spent a little longer on the sketch but overall I really like how it came out and the perspective worked nicely in this one which always helps.

Till next time!

Day 584: 402 Camley St, London

Day 584: 402 Camley St, London


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, for day 584, we now enter the my new obsession with construction and cranes that I seem to have picked up over the last few days (not exclusively though so don’t worry). So, as that last sentence probably gave away I choose to do this sketch based on the fact that it had a construction element to it. Quite a fun little sketch which was pretty laid back to do and came out pretty nicely.  I really like how the white tree row in the bottom half of the picture frames the rest of it and like that my method for rendering skies seems to actually be working  One thing I think that I would have done differently though in hindsight is that I wouldn’t have made the cranes so bold in the background as I think it hurts the depth that they have with all parts of them the same line width but I still like the sketch!

Till next time!