Day 755: Overlooking the city

Day 755: Overlooking the city (21 de Marso MZ9, San Miguel Testongo, Mexico City


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 20 minutes

Loved this view from the top of this hill, overlooking a part of the city so had to sketch it. Tried to emphasise the foreground and the background using a bolder pen line for the foreground which I think worked out well. It was quite interesting trying to represent the city in the background and trying to stop myself from adding each individual building, instead of going for the random lines that I ended up with. Hope you guys like the small sketch!

Till next time!



Day 736: Bilbao, Mexico City

Day 736: Bilbao, Mexico City


Reference image: map street view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a rather random structure that I found somewhere in Mexico City with no obvious purpose to it that I just had sketch. Not really much more to say about it though other than that. Seriously no idea what they are but there was a load of them in a row and I through a random telegraph pole in for good measure!

Still I thoroughly enjoyed the sketch despite its random subject!

Till next time!


Day 723: Av, Victoria Ote, Mexico City

Day 723: Av, Victoria Ote, Mexico City


Reference view: map street view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, found this interesting looking modern church a couple of streets over from where we did yesterday’s sketch, which, with its striking shape and the framing from the trees and the lovely shite fence for contrast made me instantly want to sketch it! Pretty happy with it as well wonky lines and all and I like that I managed to get the white fence to actually look like a white fence which I normally struggle to do.

Also, the figure at the bottom actually looks like a figure so it looks like Day 722: Street Food did help me out a bit!

Till next time!


Day 706: 86 Norman Ave, New York

Day 706: 86 Norman Ave, New York


Reference view: street map view

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, wanted to try a different view for today and ended up also using a different approach to the sketch and the way its sketched, ending up with a much looser interpretation than the ones we’ve seen lately. Not really that sure whether I like this approach though and I have to admit this was my third go at it as the other two had completely whacky perspectives and measurements that really didn’t make me happy with the sketch.

Luckily perseverance paid off in the end and as the finished sketch is pretty nice, and although I’m not sure what I think of the style it was fun to scribble bits of the sketch when laying it down and still come up with something nice in the end. Anyway I need to go to sleep so I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Till next time!


Day 696: 192-200 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island NY

Day 696: 192-200 Lincoln Ave, Staten Island NY


Reference view: reference view

Time taken: 45 minutes

So, spent a bit more time on this one as I was enjoying it so much. Pretty simple image really with a some quiet houses outside of New York with a  bit of variety and different characters to them. Got pretty excited about how the vehicles turned out as well though, this sketch does show that you should stop when you think there’s enough there and not push it, as I really don’t like how the sky came out. Shame really as the rest of the sketch I really like. Still, a sketchbook is for experimenting in so experiment I will!

Till next time!

Day 695 Fulton St, New York

Day 695 Fulton St, New York


Reference image: street map view

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, another image from the big apple and its varied and random row housing with these interesting buildings and the balconies and other details on them. Quite a fun little sketch actually with this one where I seem to have pushed the values a little bit more than I usually do. My favourite part about the sketch though has to be the little light in the bottom left hand side of the image. Apparently whatever I managed to do on the actual glass bit of it came out very smooth gradient wise. Anyway, it was a nice sketch and I’m happy with how it came out and hope you lot are too!

Till next time!

Day 694: Front St, New York

Day 694: Front St, New York


Reference view: reference view

Time taken: 30 minutes

Firstly, apologies for the slight blurriness of the photo, didn’t realise it was blurry till now. Secondly were back in New York again with another interesting corner shop (probably a bar/ restaurant or coffee house looking at it). Hopefully you can tell which building that I’m on about as its the only part of the sketch that is actually finished though, given that its the focus that’s not a bad thing, and I quite like how the focus building came out despite it looking quite simple. The building to the left was pretty interesting looking though so I may have to go back and do a sketch focused on that one as well!

Till next time!


Day 693: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangzhou

Day 693: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Guangzhou


Reference image: scroll down a bit till you reach the reference photo!

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was a bit of a departure from New York with a random look at a rather unusual place of worship in Asia. I also departed slightly from my previous style that I had with this one being a lot more dark and having more contrast. Mind you I think the whole zoomed out and small scale of it helped with being able to easily push values as there isn’t a lot of flat surfaces to worry about unlike the other sketches.

Till next time!

Day 692: 269 Van Brunt St, New York City

Day 692: 269 Van Brunt St, New York City


Reference view:google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

Back to the closer ones for day 692 with this lovely street and its different facades, with another attempt at the same sort of style as I’d used the day 690. Didn’t turn out as nicely in this one as the other one but I think trying to make sure I didn’t go above the whole 30 minutes thing meant that I rushed bits of it and didn’t get as much tone down as I would have liked. However these latest sketches have taught me one thing and that’s that, when your using pen and ink, your probably better off only loosely basing it on the tone of the actual buildings and pushing it where you need to create contrast.

Till next time!