Day 642: St Petrox church, Dartmouth

Day 642: St Petrox church, Dartmouth


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, this was a lovely little church that we walked past a month or so ago when we visited Dartmouth Castle (which this church is attached too). Really nice place as well that had a lovely view overlooking the mouth of the river Dart (apparently you can occasionally see dolphins here as well).

Really liked the how the sketch came out for what was a shorter sketch than the other ones have been even if it does look a bit rough in places.

Till next time!

Day 641: 5 Embankment, Dartmouth (Dartmouth Harbour)

Day 641: 5 Embankment, Dartmouth (Dartmouth Harbour) 


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 35 minutes

So, decided to do this one as quickly as possible and a little looser than I had been doing as I wanted to try and get a panoramic view of Dartmouth Harbour which, has got to be one of the strangest harbours ever as its basically a square reservoir connected to the river Dart by a low tunnel which passes underneath the main road and a wide promenade so yer, not the most boat friendly harbour (definitely no sails anyway). Quite like the outcome of the sketch too. True its very loose and some bits a unclear but I like the amount of detail I managed to get into it!

Day 597: 4 The Sanctuary, Westminster London (Westminster Abbey)

Day 597: 4 The Sanctuary, Westminster London (Westminster Abbey)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 1 hour

So, started a new sketchbook yesterday so decided to do a bit of a more involved sketch as the beginning of the sketchbook (plus, it had to contain a door as per standard to a first sketch in a new sketchbook. Admittedly though, the door is a bit of a stretch in this one). As you can see this also took me twice as long but I was really enjoying the sketch of Westminster Abbey and wanted to try and get as many details into it as well.

Pretty happy with how the sketch came out as well, especially with the amount of detail it had and how much of it I managed to get down. True it’s not entirely accurate but oh well I like it and I hope you do too!

Till next time!

Day 594: 10 Cannon St, London (St Paul’s Cathedral)

Day 594:  10 Cannon St, London (St Paul’s Cathedral)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, decided to do a rather well documented and iconic building in London for day 594 in the form of St Pauls Cathedral form one of the many streets that emanate from it. Not really that big a reason for sketching it other than I wanted to try and sketch what everyone else seems to photograph/sketch. Quite happy with how it came out too and how much detail I managed to get into it in the 30 minutes. Pity that the time limit meant that I had to miss out the tower that is to the right of the building but oh well, I think I might come back and do a more detailed sketch of it later on anyway

Till next time.

Day 591: Rousdon Estate Church Devon

Day 591: Rousdon Estate Church Devon


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, this was the other one of the sketches from Rousdon that I was talking about in the last one. This time its of the church that s located on the estate which although not as grand as the other building is still very nice and aesthetically in keeping with the main building as well which was nice to see. This sketch, in my opinion also came out a lot better than the other one did (not that I don’t like the other one, just this one came out neater). Any, as with many of my other sketches random bits seem to be what catch my eyes in the finished sketches, in this case the fence along the bottom which, really isn’t all that interesting or important.

Oh well, such is the way of sketching!

Till next time!

Day 571: 3 W Tenter St, London

Day 571: 3 W Tenter St, London


Reference image: streetview view

Time taken: 35mins

So, another church for day 571 (this time I’m also pretty sure it is actually a church or at the very least was at some point). Loved the way this building looked so grand in amongst the buildings surrounded it and how it was opposite some really modern looking glass block. The sketch came out pretty nicely too. Could have been a bit neater but there were a lot of details to get into it. I do quite like the windows detailing’s and how I choose to do the trees in the foreground by just leaving a white space. May have to try this technique more often but just hopefully refine it a bit more in the future. Another little detail I love about these sketches is the random street lights and road signs that block parts of the subject. definitely happy to include these rather than omit them.

Anyway lets quickly move on as were not quite caught up again yet!

Till then!

Day 558: Whitby Chapel, Yorkshire

Day 558: Whitby Chapel, Yorkshire


Reference image:  Pinterest linkie!

So, for today I decided to sketch this old ruined chapel in Whitby, Yorkshire. Something I would imagine was quite a grand abbey at one point given how large it seems to be though it does seem to be a bit isolated (though this could just be the photo). Anyway it was a fun little sketch where I tried to not go too heavy on the shading it to try and make bits stand out but I’m not too sure if I like it (I definitely prefer the style of yesterdays sketch over this one).

Still the actual sketch is pretty nice and fairly accurate given that it was done quite quickly, though I’m hoping the actual image is a bit more interesting than this blog post as I don’t really have much else to say so yer, at least were all caught up again. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 536: Saint Michel d’Aguilhe Chapel, France

Day 536: Saint Michel d’Aguilhe Chapel, France


Reference image: pintrest linkies!

So another sketch in this new style which I’m really loving (its much closer to what I wanted when I first saw pen and ink illustrations and wanted to try them out. Took me a while to get round to trying this style properly but there we go) but on a smaller scale than the last two of this crazy chapel built on top of this rock.

I actually tried the sky with this one as well which I normally avoid like the plague as it usually goes horribly but hey, its a sketch so what the hell right? Well the results could probably use a bit of improvement but it didn’t ruin it which was a good thing and vaguely look like sky which I’ll take as a success. I also really like the tower top and how the right hand side of the rock came out.

So were actually on track to catch up, with only 3 more days to go!

Till then!

Day 531: Age croft Cemetery Chapel

Day 531: Age croft Cemetery Chapel


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

So another old style building for day 531, but not a lighthouse this time, instead its a old Chapel found here in the UK. I choose the image because of how big I imagined it being and ornate for a cemetery chapel.

Really like the sketch and trying to get all the details in it. Ironically enough coming form the previous day the foliage didn’t really work al that well here and probably could have done with more of a contrast to it even if it wasn’t completely what the reference looked like. I just need to learn that I can be a bit creative with some of the elements when doing these and that they don’t have to be picture perfect in tonal values.

So, onwards again as we try and catch up with day 538!

Till then!