Day 964: St Joseph the Worker Church, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Day 964: St Joseph the Worker Church, Klaipeda, Lithuania


Reference image: pinterest link!

More Brutalism but this time combining it with what seems like one of my other subjects of choice, a church. Not goignt o lie though I thought this was some sort of power plant when I first looked at it (though did quickly realise that this wasn’t the case), still its a lovely looking building and very imposing which I suppose is kind of what you want from a church, with brutalism suiting it down tot he  ground thanks to the worker saint choice.

Till next time!



Day 917: St Mary’s Church, Bicton

Day 917: St Mary’s Church, Bicton


Reference photo: Personal photo

Another one from Bicton and another rather more involved sketch than the last couple, which, I can only assume is down tot he subject as I didn’t plan for it to be that way in the first place. I think I might have a bit of a soft spot for churches and old buildings in particular, not that religious or anything but I just seem to be drawn to them and they seem to be my most accurate subject matter. Not that I’m complaining or anything seeing as theres quite a lot of the subject matter around if it is a subject I enjoy!

Till next time!

Day 905: Church On Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia

Day 905: Church On Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, Russia


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, from a sketch that went pretty well to one that didn’t go quite as well. Wanted to try and sketch this random church in Russia but I think it may have been a bit too complicated a subject for a sketch and I also think, I may have lost a bit of interest half way through. Still, what is there does look like what it’s meant to look like so it wasn’t a complete bust, just not my favourite sketch.

Till next time!

Day 898: Saint Climent de Taull, Spain

Day 898: Saint Climent de Taull, Spain


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, back to sketching buildings which, as a plus generally look like what they are menat to look like unlike the previous days sketch. Anyway, really like the scale of the tower on this building compared to the other bit of it and also the detailing on the tower compared to the main building so thought I would give it a go, quite liking the outcome from it, especially the focus part of the tower.

Till next time!

Day 889: Pallars Alos of Isil, The Pyrenees

Day 889: Pallars Alos of Isil, The Pyrenees


Reference image: pinterest link!

So got rid of the whole time taken thing as I think its a given that these stippled sketches are goignt o take longer than the other ones and by and large they tend to all take around the same amount of time anyway. Anyway this is another lovely scene through a bridge of another town in Spain. Really liking these scenes framed by bridges and think they make quite nicely composed sketches so am enjoying  doing them and am hoping that it shows in the results!

Till next time!


Day 886: San Bernabe Monastery, Spain

Day 886: San Bernabe Monastery, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 40 minutes

So, bit a of random looking one today with this monastery built into a cliff face in Spain with its grand doors and the lovely buildings. Not sure I captured the rock face that the building is built into at all but it was quite hard to get right  I did get the shape of the building down pretty accurately though which is good. Just wish I’d had a bit more time to define it (I left this sketch till quite late and kept getting distracted while doing it!

Till next time!

Day 883: Snow Covered Church

Day 883: Snow Covered Church


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 65 minutes

Another more involved sketch for today (though I have included all the time that I managed to get distracted by the youtube video playing in the background so it might not have taken that long overall) of this snow covered church. Loved the look of the snow on the roof and just like churches in general (though I bet you hadn’t guessed that already from the rest of the blog lol) and the dark trees in the background offering contrast. Trying to get better with my tones with these sketches at the moment so let me know if you guys have any tips or think I’m doing it wrong!

Till next time!

Day 880: Valaam Monastery, Lake Ladoga, Russia

Day 880: Valaam Monastery, Lake Ladoga, Russia


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 60 minutes

So we’ve left Scotland today to travel to Russia where I found this lovely church set behind this wall of pines (figuratively speaking with the travelling to Russia or Scotland, I’ve never actually been to either). Choose to sketch the image mainly because of the actual wall of trees rather than the building which probably makes sense seeing as you can’t actually see a lot of the building.

Like the outcome of this one as well and it was a pretty laid back sketch while on daddy day-care and enjoyed doing it which is the main thing, especially liking how the grass came out in the foreground.

Till next time!

Day 851: Tiny Chapel

Day 851: Tiny Chapel


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, this was a tiny little chapel that I loved the look of just sat out in the middle of nowhere all on its own. Really small building as well looking at the photo so I can’t imagine much of a population lived around it or it might have just been a shrine or something, I’m not sure. Loved the sketch as well and how it came out as it was pretty quick and pretty accurate to the source image, and actually has a background that looks right rather than looking all disjointed as my backgrounds normally do.

Till next time!