Day 368: Ernie!

Day 368: Ernie!


So, some of you may recognised this as Ernie from Sesame Street. This was a puppet that I used to have when i was a lot younger than I am now. Anyway we found it the other day while moving the last of our stuff from my Parent’s in Law’s house to ours and my little one loves it as much as I used to.

Thought he’d make a fun subject for a sketch so did it this afternoon while spending some time with the family (may have used a bottle to prop him up hence his slightly off expression but I choose to omit it from the sketch).

I do really like how this came out as well as I think it has the happy grin that Ernie has and looks like the character. Anyway¬†, I’ve no idea what I’m going to sketch tomorrow but I’ve got a day off work so something relaxing would be ideal. Right, see you then.

Till then!