Day 818: Pele’s Castle, Romania

Day 818: Pele’s Castle, Romania


Reference image: wiki link!

Time taken: 35 minutes

For yesterdays sketch I decided to ask in a discord room that was chatting in for a building from someone which gave me this castle (because apparently, the people in the room really don’t like giving me a easy time!). So anyway here we have this lovely looking castle (though probably completely useless as a actual castle given that its mainly for show), with spires everywhere and what seems to be a interesting combination of Scandinavian/asisan architecture going on. Regardless it was a lovely sketch to do and one that I tried to be a lot looser and faster with…… which failed but nevermind!

Till next time!


Day 622: 28 Oval Rd London (Pirate Castle)

Day 622: 28 Oval Rd London (Pirate Castle)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, here we have quite possibly the most odd building that I’ve found in London in the form of this pirate castle. I’m not sure if any of it is actually an original building that was built up around or if it is literally all a façade (probably the latter) but after finding it and thinking ‘what the hell!?’ I had to sketch it.

Quite a detailed place as well sitting on top of a canal type river and I think, if I got the right gist of it from the website that its a activity centre for charities and rentals that provide water based activates. No matter what its used for though its cool and worthy of a sketch (which I don’t think came out that badly).

Till next time!

Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland

Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So this was another one of the days where I ran out tf time to get this sketch of this small castle in Ireland done. Quite a shame that I ran out of time as well as I was quite enjoying doing it so I think I might return to this one some day and actually get a finished sketch done from it. As for the sketch though I still Like the fact that proportion wise I think I managed to get what I have done down quite accurately. Unfortunately I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about this sketch so let’s just get on with posting the other missing ones and getting us back up to date!

Till then!

Day 556: Boldt Castle, Germany

Day 556: Boldt Castle, Germany


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So another castle for day 556, this time without the tanned paper effect. Again it was just a random castle that caught my attention and that I thought wouldn’t take me all that long to sketch. Luckily though I had a bit more time than I thought I would have to do the sketch so it came out a bit better than I expected it too.

I especially really like the roofs and funnily enough the tree to the side . I think the water could probably have been represented a bit better but all in all I like how the sketch came out and learnt from it, that dark foliage can really help to frame a image, even if the reference photo shows it as a lot lighter.

Again I will try and get caught up tonight but given how the last couple of times I’ve said that have gone I wouldn’t advise that you hold your breath!

Till then!

Day 555: Swallows Nest, Ukraine

Day 555: Swallows Nest, Ukraine


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So, apologies again for the tanned photo quality. Apparently my phone really does want me to sketch in a tanned sketchbook.

Anyway for day 555, I found this stunning looking castle high atop a Cliffside in the Ukraine (if you have a look at the reference image you’ll notice that the cliff is a whole lot higher than my sketch would lead you to believe). Overall I quite like the sketch though I think that I may have chosen to go for a scale that was a bit too small to get the needed definition into the sketch. also the sky didn’t exactly turn out how I had planned but nevermind, you learn from your mistakes (or at least I hope I will).

So, got two more to go until were caught up again but that’s better than usual so I’m happy.

Till then!