Day 1016: Eltz Castle, Germany

Day 1016: Eltz Castle, Germany


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another lovely castle this time located in Germany. Containing more towers and elements than the previous one and possibly constructed on the side of a mountain. Prefer the outcome of this sketch as well when compared to yesterdays one as I think I managed to get the proportions and perspective down a lot better. Still a nice little sketch of a ornate castle.

Till next time!


Day 1015: Falkenstain Castle Austria

Day 1015: Falkenstain Castle Austria


Reference image: pinterest link!

A lovely castle located in Austria for day 1015 with this really nice looking wooden topped tower in the middle. Like the plants climbing up the side of the tower as well and the height variations in the buildings around it. though I managed to accidently get the perspective a bit wrong on it which was a shame but there we go, still not a bad sketch.

Till next time!


Day 899: Colomares Castle, Benalmadena, Spain

Day 899: Colomares Castle, Benalmadena, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

Now this was a lovely little temple or castle type structure (not actually that sure) that was on the suggested feed in Pinterest that I just had to sketch. Lovely arches and turrets and some really detailed architecture make it a really nice (if somewhat odd) structure to look at in my opinion and, as such, I’m really happy that the sketch came out pretty nicely as well, though it did take a little longer as its done in a 0.1 nib.

Till next time!

Day879: Castle Stalker, Scotland

Day879: Castle Stalker, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 45 minutes

Another sketch from Scotland of my current apparent obsession with ruined castles and random lakes, showing, you guessed it, a ruined castle in the middle of the a lake. Not the best place I would have thought for a castle or tower but there you go, I suppose its easily defendable.

Anyway liked the view with the different layers to it and wanted to sketch it. Bit annoyed that I didn’t get any of the sheep in the bottom half of the image in the sketch (well ok I kind of got one just below the tree line on the right hand side of the image but not it looks that much like a sheep if I’m being honest). but other than that I’m happy with the sketch (though I do wish I could have got a better photo of it too but hopefully I’m goignt o get a scanner soon so that problem will be gone!)

Till next time!

Day 877: Dunnottar, Scotland

Day 877: Dunnottar, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 1 hour

So, this was a bit more of a time consuming stippling sketch today of another ruined castle in Scotland. Loved the reference image because of the lightning crashing down behind it but I’m not too sure I managed to actually capture that in the sketch. Was definitely struggling with the contrast between the sky and the lightning with trying to make it stand out as the stippled technique didn’t really work with defining the flash. Might just have to try it again and see if I can get it a down a bit better!

Till next time!

Day 874: Gylen Castle, Scotland

Day 874: Gylen Castle, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 50 minutes

Another one of Scotland in the same vein as yesterdays sketch this time with a bit more than just landscape in it with this lovely ruined castle overlooking the bay beside it. Quite like the look of it though I do prefer yesterdays sketch as I think it has a bit more detention in it over this one, not that this one looks bad or anything and I’m still really enjoying these landscape and stippled sketches and hope that you guys are as well!

Till next time!


Day 869: Konigstein Fortress, Germany

Day 869: Konigstein Fortress, Germany


Reference image: Pinterest link!

Time taken: 25 minutes

Right, so, having realised that in general I only manage to use half the A5 page of the notebook that I use and, seeing as how I usually make my finished pieces A6, I’ve decided to use half a page for each sketch. Another bonus of this is obviously that I’ll get twice the amount of sketches out of each sketchbook (so should be 100 from each sketchbook).

Anyway the first of these A6 sketches is this turret from a castle in Germany overlooking a forest. Might have gone a bit dark with the actual sketch but never mind, theres still something I quite like about it and the actual tower and focus didn’t come out too badly.

Till next time!

Day 818: Pele’s Castle, Romania

Day 818: Pele’s Castle, Romania


Reference image: wiki link!

Time taken: 35 minutes

For yesterdays sketch I decided to ask in a discord room that was chatting in for a building from someone which gave me this castle (because apparently, the people in the room really don’t like giving me a easy time!). So anyway here we have this lovely looking castle (though probably completely useless as a actual castle given that its mainly for show), with spires everywhere and what seems to be a interesting combination of Scandinavian/asisan architecture going on. Regardless it was a lovely sketch to do and one that I tried to be a lot looser and faster with…… which failed but nevermind!

Till next time!

Day 622: 28 Oval Rd London (Pirate Castle)

Day 622: 28 Oval Rd London (Pirate Castle)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, here we have quite possibly the most odd building that I’ve found in London in the form of this pirate castle. I’m not sure if any of it is actually an original building that was built up around or if it is literally all a façade (probably the latter) but after finding it and thinking ‘what the hell!?’ I had to sketch it.

Quite a detailed place as well sitting on top of a canal type river and I think, if I got the right gist of it from the website that its a activity centre for charities and rentals that provide water based activates. No matter what its used for though its cool and worthy of a sketch (which I don’t think came out that badly).

Till next time!