Day 1016: Eltz Castle, Germany

Day 1016: Eltz Castle, Germany


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another lovely castle this time located in Germany. Containing more towers and elements than the previous one and possibly constructed on the side of a mountain. Prefer the outcome of this sketch as well when compared to yesterdays one as I think I managed to get the proportions and perspective down a lot better. Still a nice little sketch of a ornate castle.

Till next time!


Day 967: Rail Bridge

Day 967: Rail Bridge


Reference image: pinterest link!

More trains for day 967, this time a Freight train crossing another bridge. Not really that much else to say about the image to be honest. as I’m not sure what locomotive is or where it is (though I think its America from the look of it) so we’ll move onto the next one.

Till nest time!

Day 919: Glenfinnian Viaduct, Scotland

Day 919: Glenfinnian Viaduct, Scotland


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another Scottish sketch to start off another new sketchbook and my first one that will be solely stippled. Thought this train running across this viaduct seemed suitably epic for the occasion. Seriously though, look at the reference image thats a pretty high viaduct. Architecture and trains, what’s not too love? Plus, predictably my son liked it and that’s the best sort of praise!

Till next time!

Day 896: Seville, Spain

Day 896: Seville, Spain


Reference: pinterest link!

Another lovely scene of the reflective river running through the town of Seville for yesterdays sketch with these really nice looking bridges spanning it. Another sketch as well that I ‘m happy with how they came out, especially loving the lights and how well they stand out against the rest of the image and the buildings in the background. Turns out it really is the simple things in life!

Till next time!

Day 894: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain

Day 894: Puente Nuevo, Ronda, Spain 


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, from one sketch that didn’t turn out brilliant to one that I really like. Love the whole setting of this scene and city in Spain with its huge bridge across the chasm into town with the old buildings in the background. Really think this one came out really nicely as well and is probably my favourite one of the recent ones that I’ve done, even if, contrast, which I’m usually all over isn’t as strong as some of the other architecture ones in it.

Till next time!

Day 890: Cangas de Onis, Spain

Day 890: Cangas de Onis, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link

Another bridge for yesterdays sketch and a pretty ae inspiring one at that with a  rather random cross hanging from it. Anyway as with the previous day I just really like it and thought it would make a nice sketch subject and really enjoyed this little sketch of another bridge and one, that I think came out better than the previous days one.

Till next time!

Day 889: Pallars Alos of Isil, The Pyrenees

Day 889: Pallars Alos of Isil, The Pyrenees


Reference image: pinterest link!

So got rid of the whole time taken thing as I think its a given that these stippled sketches are goignt o take longer than the other ones and by and large they tend to all take around the same amount of time anyway. Anyway this is another lovely scene through a bridge of another town in Spain. Really liking these scenes framed by bridges and think they make quite nicely composed sketches so am enjoying  doing them and am hoping that it shows in the results!

Till next time!


Day 888: Torla, Spain

Day 888: Torla, Spain


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 60 minutes

Another much more successful sketch of another village in Spain for todays sketch with this lovely bridge in the foreground.  Again I like how this one came out (though I wish the tree lines in the background looked more like actual treelines) and especially like the foreground and the bridge. Still need to work on defining areas more as well but practise makes perfect as they say!

Till next time!

Day 872: Palladian Bridge, Bath, England

Day 872: Palladian Bridge, Bath, England


Reference image: pinterest link

Time taken: 40 minutes

Another stippled piece of a lovely looking bridge somewhere around Bath, here in the UK. Loved this bridge as it had a almost mystical look to it and reminded me of some of the favourite National Trust places (such as Stourhead). Loved the outcome of the stippling as well and think that its a much nicer way to represent something than my usual sketchy style, even though it lacks a bit of detail being a sketch and all. As mentioned yesterday though, the main point of doing sketches this way is to try and push my abilities with the technique as I use it for my finished pieces.

Till next time!