Day 860: The Eiffel Tower

Day 860: The Eiffel Tower


Reference image: pinterest link!

Time taken: 20 minutes

Pretty sure I’ve sketched the Eiffel Tower before now but not that I can remember from this angle. Got some new pens from my wife for Christmas so thought I would give them a go and they actually work really nicely (there a pilot V5 grip hi-techpoint   in case anyone is wondering). Don’t know if the ink is archival and its not waterproof so I wont be using them for any finished pieces but for these sketches they work really nicely. As for the sketch it also came out really nicely and I like the sketchy look to the bottom legs of the tower, with me trying to quickly show the details in the ironwork.

Till next time!


Day 819: Raveljin Set, Efteling

Day 819: Raveljin Set, Efteling


Reference image: image link

Time taken: 35 minutes

Right, another discord chat suggested image for todays sketch in the form of the set for the Raveljin show in Efteling. Decided to try and do a focussed sketch but still place it in its background setting which I think came out ok (though I may have made the foreground a bit too bold looking at it now). Really enjoye sketching this though, especially the front part of it and the mechanical dragon sat behind the set piece.

Till next time!

Day 800: Oblivions Descent ‘Alton Towers’

Day 800: Oblivions Descent ‘Alton Towers’


Reference image: RCDB linkie!

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, pretty common view of the coaster Oblivion here in Alton Towers with the hole that you get dropped into and the theming around it. Pretty basic sketch and scene but believe me, when your on the ride its terrifying . Also, I think I managed to get the steam and smoke effects as well in the sketch which is good as I thought they’d be hard to represent. Also, should probably mention that this is out 800th sketch on this blog which is pretty awesome and means were not actually that far away from reaching 4 figures!

Till next time!


Day 799: Nemesis theming ‘Alton Towers’

Day 799: Nemesis theming ‘Alton Towers’


Reference image: image linkie!

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, decided to do another sketch of the brilliant Nemesis coaster, this time though, of some of the theming that you can find around the Nemesis area. Not sure what this actually is but I think it’s meant to be some sort of early warning and lighting system given the general theme of the area. Anyway, I liked the sketch and how it came out and just like the theming element.

Till next time!

Day 798: Duel, Alton Towers

Day 798: Duel, Alton Towers


Reference image: random link!

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, back to the trusty old .1 fine liner again and this time were inside Alton Towers and looking at the haunted house style dark ride there, Duel  However, although I didn’t mind the ride I choose the scene to sketch more for the actual building as I really like how it looks and the style that it’s done in, especially the wooden frame middle window bit. Fun little sketch which I managed to work on a lot faster than I thought I would and that I liked the outcome of! Hope you lot like it too!

Till next time!

Day 797: Altons Tower Entrance

Day 797: Altons Tower Entrance


Reference Image: random image link

Time taken: 25 minutes

So, day 797 was the start of a new book so I decided to sketch the entrance to Alton Towers as the usual door/entrance sketch that I do with every new sketchbook. Choose this image which focused on the iconic tower in the middle of the entrance and went back to using my fineliners. Unfortunately I choose a fineliner that was a .3 rather than my usual normal .1 and I think the sketch suffered slightly for it but oh well, I enjoyed the actual sketching process so that’s what matters

Till next time!

Day 794: Common Octopus, Plymouth Aquarium

Day 794: Common Octopus, Plymouth Aquarium


Reference image: Personal photo

Time Taken: 25 minutes

So, this was a rather shy Octopus at Plymouth Aquarium, which I managed to get this shot of as he moved around a bit and revealed a bit more of himself from the rocks he were hiding in. Really like the outcome of this sketch as well and I think it lent itself well to the brush pen that I used in it and the bold lines came out nicely and gave the octopus a shape. Not really much else to say apart from that though so we’ll move on and try and get caught up a bit.

Till next time!

Day 793: Lionfish, Plymouth Aquarium

Day 793: Lionfish, Plymouth Aquarium


Reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, for my wifes birthday we headed down to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to have a day out and while there I took a few photos of some of the fishes and marine life down there  including this one of a Lionfish (or at least I assume its a lionfish, it was in a huge tank with god know how many other fish sdidn’t have its own information board for me to be sure about but, as far as I can tell its a Lionfish). Anyway I used my brush pen for this one for something a bit different and really liked how it came out with this one , with the shading being a lot better than I thought it would turn out while I was doing it which, is always a nice thing to happen. So, hope you like the fish and expect a couple more to come over the next few days as I choose some of my photos to sketch.

Till next time!

Day 792: Nemesis ‘Alton Towers’

Day 792: Nemesis ‘Alton Towers’


Reference image: rcdb clickie

Time taken: 20 minutes

So, having been a bit burned out on sketching stuff form the model village I decided to return to the whole rollercoaster sketching thing, this time having moved onto Alton Towers (there was one more coaster at Thorpe Park, the Flying Fish which I have ridden but I didn’t really feel like sketching it though I may go back to it at some point). Anyway, this is probably my favourite rollercoaster that I’ve ridden (as clichéd as that statement is), really forceful and just the right amount of roughness to it with plenty of headchoppers. Thought I’d get this sketch of it going through a loop as it gave a nice view of the coaster and the train and again, I went for a sketchy messy style to it which allowed me to get it done quite quickly (and probably more accurately than if I’d tried to get everything right). Anyway, I hope you guys don’t mind this jump back to coasters, I’m almost as obsessed with them as I am with sketching!

Till next time!