Day 938: Grand Hotel, Switzeland

Day 938: Grand Hotel, Switzeland


Reference image: pinterest link!

So, probably subconsciously drawn to it because I’ve just realised that these look like boats stood on their ends, we have hotel in Switzerland and a pretty cool one at that (no pun intended. Ok maybe a little bit of one). Loved the look of the rooms and just had to sketch it so didn’t delay. Hope it came out as well, as it was fun to sketch it. Who knows, Maybe one day I might get to stay here?

Till next time!


Day 925: HMS Victory

Day 925: HMS Victory


Reference image: pinterest link!

Another old ship, this time a British one in the form of HMS Victory. (or at least one of the many ships to sail under that name throughout history) A large 104 gun, First rate Ship of the Line that served as flagship for a number of Admirals, most notably Lord Nelson in the battle of Trafalgar and apparently the oldest commissioned naval vessel in the world (though admittedly, its current commission is as a museum in Portsmouth). Another nice sketch that I enjoyed doing. Actually really enjoying these ship sketches so expect to see a few more in the future!

Till next time!

Day 923: Steam Tractor

Day 923: Steam Tractor


Reference image: Personal photo

Another photo from Bicton (some of you may have noticed that I accidently stated that the previous Hermitage one was the last from Bicton. Woops). This was one of the engines in the really nice museum that they have there full of old tractors including the steam ones, plenty of other old farm equipment and a room with a load of old motorcycles (like the ones you’d see in the old American films like Smokey and the Bandits). Anyway this was one of the old Steam Tractors that I liked and wanted to sketch. Kind of has a slightly faded look to it but I quite like it!

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Day 921: The Hermitage, Bicton

Day 921: The Hermitage, Bicton


Reference image: Personal photo

Another sketch from Bicton in the form of The Hermitage, a small Summer House situated on the edge of the estate (or at least the edge of the current day estate) which I thought would be a nice way to finish up the series of the sketches from Bicton that I have been doing. Quite a nice little building really with some nice wooden detailing which was fun to sketch.

Till next time!

Day 917: St Mary’s Church, Bicton

Day 917: St Mary’s Church, Bicton


Reference photo: Personal photo

Another one from Bicton and another rather more involved sketch than the last couple, which, I can only assume is down tot he subject as I didn’t plan for it to be that way in the first place. I think I might have a bit of a soft spot for churches and old buildings in particular, not that religious or anything but I just seem to be drawn to them and they seem to be my most accurate subject matter. Not that I’m complaining or anything seeing as theres quite a lot of the subject matter around if it is a subject I enjoy!

Till next time!

Day 916: Bicton Swans

Day 916: Bicton Swans


Reference image: Personal photo

Once again were at Bicton where there was quite a lot of feathered wildlife to be found, especially around the aforementioned and sketched pond area, including these swans which I managed to get a good photo of (well, ok it wasn’t really a photo of the swans but I could zoom in well enough to actually get a good reference for them, put it that way). Pretty happy with how they came out as well with no problems with the actual Swans. The water was a bit of a pain though and I think I could probably have gone darker with it  which would have helped the swans stand out more but hopefully I’ll remember that for next time!

Till next time!

Day 915: A La Ronde, High Seat

Day 915: A La Ronde, High Seat


Reference image: Personal photo

Another simple little photo from A la Ronde in the form of this lovely wooden seat on the outside of the building. Pretty basic in all honesty but the high back to it makes it look a lot more regal and grand than it is, plus I love the vines on it. Anyway I think the sketch captures the chairs sense and the shape quite well so it does the job and I enjoyed the process as well , as simple as the subject was.

Till next time!

Day 914: Bicton Fountian

Day 914: Bicton Fountain


Reference image: Personal photo

So, this was another photo of the aforementioned fountain that is the centrepiece of Bictons front lawn. Wanted something that should be quick and easy for the day as I didn’t have much free time so choose this to sketch, quite liking how it turned out, even given how simple it is.

Till next time!

Day 913: A la Ronde, National Trust

Day 913: A la Ronde, National Trust


Reference image: Personal image

This was the other place that we visited last Friday, A la Ronde, A National Trust property located just outside Exmouth in Devon. Definitely an interesting property and one worth visiting if you have an interest in quirky and odd buildings (might honestly not be the best place to visit for families though as unlike some of the other National Trust properties, there isn’t all that much for the younger ones to do). The house itself is unique in several ways, the most obvious being that it has 16 sides. This leads to a rather odd house layout with some very interesting use of space in places (like the worlds smallest triangular library). The owners at some point also had a rather weird obsession with shells as they literally cover everything but, as I said it makes for  pretty interesting building to visit a nice one to sketch as well!

Till next time!