Day 1124: Farewell Dunster Castle

Day 1124: Farewell Dunster Castle


Reference image: Personal image

Just a quick sketch for the final one form the Dunster Castle lot. This time looking up at the castle above the trees on the way out. Not much else to say though. It was a simple sketch with a  simple subject and I like that I manged to frame it well with the dark treeline below.

Till next time!


Day 1122: Swan fountain, Dunster Castle

Day 1122: Swan fountain, Dunster Castle


Reference image: Personal photo

Next to the previous days tea room was this little pond with this ornamental swan in the centre of it. Not much else to say about the sketch though so we’ll leave it here. A swan in a pond!

Till next time!

Day 1121: The Camellia House, Dunster Castle

Day 1121: The Camellia House, Dunster Castle 


Reference image: Personal image

Another view of the castles main structure, this time from the side that overlooks the valley and the castles tiered garden. There is also this lovely looking tea room here though unfortunately it was a too busy on the day that we went to actually get anything from it but still it made a nice subject.

Till next time!

Day 1120: Inside the Gates, Dunster Castle

Day 1120: Inside the Gates, Dunster Castle


Reference image: Personal photo

This was the inside of the gate where there was a really narrow stairway up the higher level. A bit odd as a architectural design for the castle but it would have definitely been easily defensible. Anyway I needed soemthign quick to sketch for the day so choose this due to the simple subject matter. Quite like the outcome still though!

Till next time!

Day 1116: Dunster Castle, Old Ruined Tower

Day 1116: Dunster Castle, Old Ruined Tower


Reference image: Personal Photo

A view of one of the ruined towers that you can see on your right as you walk up the hill towards the castle gate house from the stables. Loved how it was so hidden by the trees and really like how the sketch came out, especially the tree in the foreground to the right.

Till next time!

Day 1115:Dunster Castle Entrance ticket booth

Day 1115: Dunster Castle Entrance ticket booth


Reference image: Personal; photo

So, a little while ago we went to Dunster Castle, a lovely national trust place in north Devon. Anyway I took quite a few photo’s there that I’ve done several sketches from starting with this one of what I assume is the old ticket booth for the property as they had just finished building a new one. Either way it was a nice little gazebo style building which made a nice little sketch!

Till next time!

Day 1112: Jools, Beer Height Light Railway

Day 1112: Jools, Beer Height Light Railway


Reference image: Personal image

So another trip to Peco with this one and another engine with the newest one in the fleet this time named Jools. Nice little boxy engine with a lovely dark blue paint job (not that you can see that in a black and white sketch but nevermind, you’ll just have to take my word for it!).  Quite like the smoke effect that I tried to add to this one as well.

Till next time!


Day 1105: Old Gateskeepers house, Tower Bridge, London circa 1900

Day 1105: Old Gateskeepers house, Tower Bridge, London circa 1900


Reference image: pinterest link!

Lovely image of old Tower Bridge, again with the really nice horse and carts on them that we don’t see these days. Really interesting for me to see a very iconic structure like this in a different time period (with the horse and carts and such). Also came out a lot better than the last time I tried to sketch Tower Bridge which is a bonus!

Till next time!

Day 1103: Whitechapel Road, London 1900

Day 1103: Whitechapel Road, London 1900


Reference image: Pinterest link!

Really nice front too an old building for this sketch with the lovely Pavilion Theatre. Loved the decorative arch with the inset circular details (which I thought was a clock originally but I don’t think it is looking at it closely). But yes, just really liked the building and how it stretched across both the facades and really happy with how the sketch came out for it as well.

Till next time!