Day 495: Green Arrow

Day 495: Green Arrow


Reference Image: Source image was pretty much this one though quite a bit darker.

So, again were really far behind but screw it, lets try and get at least a little bit caught back up before I end up way to far behind starting with this Boxing Day sketch of Green Arrow. Now I have to put my hands up and say that I have no idea who Green arrow actually is but never mind, I really liked the image and wanted to draw an archer so there we go.

Turned out quite nicely, though I think the face could have been a bit better as the eyes looks a little bit off. Still the foreshortening came out well which was probably the biggest part of the sketch so that’s all good and the hand around the bow turned out well.

Anyway given that I have god knows how many days to upload lets get ion with it and move onto the next one shall we?

Till then!



Day 372: Muscle Study 4

Day 372: Muscle Study 4


Source: DevianrtArt link

So, for yesterday we had another muscle study sketch this time of very different pose to the last couple. Found this one quite a bit more awkward and difficult than the last couple and it definitely didn’t come out as well as the last two but I still like it,especially the bottom half of the sketch and the rendering style with the bolder lines.

Right, I’ll have to upload today’s tomorrow as I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. I can say that its a bit of a change from these muscle studies.

Till then!

Day 471: Muscle Study 3

Day 471: Muscle Study 3


Source: DeviantArt stock image reference

So another attempt at some muscle study of some interesting poses. This time another powerful one of a man preparing to charge or something along them lines. All I know is that it has some interesting  muscles shapes and was a fun little sketch to do.

Very happy with how this came out as well though funnily enough, given that I’m trying to emulate a Da Vinci style rendering method with these is that I quite like the line work muscle and veins on the model’s right arm.

Anyway, we have another muscle study to upload for yesterday’s sketch so let’s get that one up so at least I’m catching up slightly.

Till then!

Day 469: Muscle study 2

Day 469: Muscle study 2


Source: stock image reference

So today I carried on with the muscle study sketches after finding some brilliant stock references here deviantart link to a stock reference account. As I also mentioned int he previous blog, I wanted to try and see if I could emulate a Da Vinci style rendering process. Choosing this pose as I liked the amount of power it conveyed and the amount of definition there was, I did a quick sketch on it.

One thing I didn’t really think about when I first choose the image though was the amount of dark space in it and that as I was trying to do a muscle definition sketch choosing an image where I couldn’t see a fair bit of the outline of the model and had to guess it may not have been the best idea but nevermind, I like how the sketch came out.

Not sure I got Da Vinci style rendering on it, rather just doing my usual rendering style but I suppose that’s a force of habit and it’s not a million miles away from the hatching his rendering methods anyway so it’s not that much of an issue (though his has miles more control than mine lol).

Anyway, I have a couple more days to go before we’re caught up again (sorry about that) but I’m a bit knackered at the moment so think I’m going to hit the sack and get the rest done tomorrow.

Till then!

Day 469: Anger

Day 469: Anger


Reference: Clicky!

So, for today, after trying to find some more muscle reference images I gave up and settled on this one of a man charging at you (or something like that he may just be bent over screaming I’m not sure).

I definitely made him look a lot angrier than in the reference and like he may have just had his face knocked about a bit but I do like it overall and like how the pose came out with the face and the muscle shapes.

As I said in the last blog I might do some Da Vinci studies soon so you may see one of them tomorrow or just another muscle study sketch, we’ll have to see.

Till then!

Day 468: Muscle Study

Day 468: Muscle Study


Reference: Did this from a tablet and don’t have the reference image handy sorry. It was on Pinterest though.

So, for yesterday I didn;t have very much time left to actually do the sketch so decided to try a muscle study of an arm so choose the above reference to do it from and I found the way that the muscles were tensed, rather interesting.

Don’t think it came out that badly either., The definition could be better on the actual muscles. though but the shapes are pretty accurate. I did also find it quite interesting as a subject to sketch and  I think I might try and do some Da Vinci studies soon as I like his style of drawing as well.

Anyway, I have today’s to upload still so let’s move onto that one.

Till then!