Day 432: Alphabet Spaceships Project: Capital E

Day 432: Alphabet Spaceships Project: Capital E


Done another one of the spaceships today and probably my favourite so far. This is one of the several human races that I envisage as inhabiting the universe these things are from, these humans being the ones that currently rule Earth and are collectively known as Union.

This ship is meant as a sort of sniping destroyer with the huge gun being its main armament and is capable of tearing other capitals apart in several shots. Other than this there’s not really a lot to say about the ship, design wise though I think I prefer the background of the race logo rather than what I have been so that will probably stay.

This one seems to have increased my drive to do at least a couple more of these so I’ll probably have another one tomorrow so I hope you all pop back for that (unless of course you really don’t like these ships in which case here’s a link to my DeviantArt page where I have some WW2 sketches I’ve also been doing  WW2 001WW2 002).

Till then!


Day 430: Alphabet Spaceships project: Capital D

Day 430: Alphabet Spaceships project: Capital D


So here we have another one of spaceship designs for capital D. Wanted to do another Brotonyx ship and see if I could carry some features across as this would be the first time I’ve done another ship from a race I’ve done before.

This time though its a Destroyer but I wanted to try and maintain some of the design elements so it has the large solar cylinder and the black thingies that stick off of it (I have no idea what these are they just seemed like a good idea at the time.). Still not sure what I think of this project so I took a break from it for day 431 and decided on a simple sketch which I think we’ll move onto now!

Till then!

Day429: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial C

Day429: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial C


So, this is C and the idea behind it is that it’s a sort of mobile station inhabited by a collection of races rather than a single one and away from the laws of any single race. Kind of like a space station version of Jabba’s Palace without but not quite as lawless or violent. As such I wanted it to look clunky and blocky and like it was made of gathered scrap metal and being added to all the time.

This is probably my favourite of the three that I’ve done so far though I’m still not that sure of it but as they say, perseverance is key so I’m not planning on stopping them yet so expect to probably see another one tomorrow (sorry if your not liking them but I hope you still all stick around).

Till then!

Day428: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial B

Day428: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial B


So the next letter for yesterday which was B gives us this funky looking ship here. Designed as an attempt at an Assault sort of craft (I envisage it as half carrier half destroyer designed to operate alone or as a command ship in a smaller fleet). I’ve thought that it might be a good idea as well to try and have a common element to each races craft, in this case, the huge solar power tube that runs down the centre of the ship.

Anyway, it’s still a bit of an up in the air project for me at the moment as I’m still not 100% sure about it but still. I have at least one more of these to go (which will be uploaded in a bit) so we’ll have to see.

Till then!

Day 427: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial A

Day 427: Alphabet Spaceships project: Captial A


So, this was my first attempt at some ideas from my head with this blog.Now I’m a rather big Sci-fi nerd and really like big grand spaceships and space battles, and despite what my previous year and a bit of sketching would probably have you all believe, I would love to be able to easily sketch spacecraft and Sci-fi stuff however, I have always lacked the drive and any sort of train of  thought to do so.

So, in a random way to try and give me the base of each ship I’ve decided to do each ship based on the letters of the alphabet, with the capital ships being capital letters (and if I get that far, the lower case being fighters and transports and such. Now I’ve no idea if this thing above (which is the letter A on its side) really works or not but I think I might try at least a couple more to see if they improve a bit.

Now apologise if you really don’t have nay interest in this kind of thing and I’d love all of your feedback on it as I know it really is a big departure from the stuff that you probably followed me for but don’t worry I will definitely being going back to other usual stuff from time to time if I do decide to continue with this  line of thought.

Till then!