Day 999: Abandoned Lighthouse

Day 999: Abandoned Lighthouse


Reference image: piterest link!

Saw this interesting looking lighthouse for day 99. Liked how it looked more like a warehouse than a lighthouse, distinguishable only by the tower to the rear of it as a lighthouse. Liked how it came out as well with its industrial look and simple shapes.

Till next time!


Day 983: Overgrown Arch

Day 983: Overgrown Arch


Reference image: pinterest link!

Slightly more simple one for day 983 and back with the architecture, specifically looking at an old arch which looks like its from a graveyard or mausoleum type structure. Loved how deep the shadows got in the recesses of the actual arch in this one and all the hugging vegetation which I hope came out in the sketch. The roof line looks a bit odd admittedly but that is what it looked like in the reference so we’ll just go with it!

Till next time!

Day 973: Old Industrial Crane

Day 973: Old Industrial Crane


Reference image: pinterest link!

Old school industrial today with this old harbour crane still standing proud. Love how spindly and fragile it looks compared to the big harbour cranes we have today and I liked the contrast between the shadows and the light bits.

Till next time!

Day 955: Old Ruined Conservatory

Day 955: Old Ruined Conservatory


Reference image: pinterest link!

So I thought I’d try something a bit different than usual with the subject matter and sketched this old ruined conservatory type building. Turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be but I persevered with it and think I got soemthign that looks like the subject matter. At least loosely anyway. The angles were especially difficult in this one as well and I think I managed to make it a bit too busy but, as I said, It looks roughly like the subject so it’s all good!

Till next time!

Day 954: Abandoned Train Station

Day 954: Abandoned Train Station


Reference image: pinterst link!

So, this was a pretty cool looking building in Poland that had several different descriptions depending on what Pinterest image I was looking at. One said it was a industrial station and another said it was a passenger station (in which case it would be a pretty industrial looking passenger station). Either way it looked pretty awesome so I had to sketch it.


Day 953: Paper Factory Acid Tower, Germany

Day 953: Paper Factory Acid Tower, Germany


Reference image: pinterest link!

A pretty interesting and cool looking structure assumedly attached to a paper factory somewhere in Germany. No idea what the actual structure is used for or why its there but I liked it and it intrigued to me which I think is the perfect reason to sketch something! Maybe next time I sketch soemthign like it I can also not give it a Tower of Pisa vibe lol!

Till next time!

Day 950: Industrial Abandonment

Day 950: Industrial Abandonment


Reference image: pinterest link!

Back to architecture now having ran out of interesting things to sketch form the Aquarium so instead, we have this nice tall old industrial unit. No idea what it was used for but I like how imposing, odd and, most likely precarious it probably looked when it was built. Other than that it was a fun little sketch with a nice outcome at the end so a success and filled the architecture withdrawal symptoms I’m sure I was suffering by then.

Till next time!

Day 935: Abandoned Mansion

Day 935: Abandoned Mansion


Reference image: pinterest link!

Edit: Apologises for the slightly blurry image

More buildings but this time a bit more grand and over the top in the form of this old and abandoned mansion which looks more like a temple than an actual mansion. Especially liked the grand staircase in the front of the building and the overgrown and ruined look to it. Not much else to say really, didn’t really learn anything new from this one just enjoyed the sketching!

Till next time!

Day 911: Down and Out

Day 911: Down and Out


Reference image: pinterest link!

continuing with the whole abandoned and ruined theme we have this sketch of a lovely wrecked WWII plane, sitting in the water on this shoreline. Loved the skeletal look of the various bits and the scuffed paintwork on the side and hope that I’ve managed to do the reference image justice with it!

Till next time!