Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland

Day 561: Ballysaggartmore Castle Ireland


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

So this was another one of the days where I ran out tf time to get this sketch of this small castle in Ireland done. Quite a shame that I ran out of time as well as I was quite enjoying doing it so I think I might return to this one some day and actually get a finished sketch done from it. As for the sketch though I still Like the fact that proportion wise I think I managed to get what I have done down quite accurately. Unfortunately I don’t really have a whole lot more to say about this sketch so let’s just get on with posting the other missing ones and getting us back up to date!

Till then!


Day 558: Whitby Chapel, Yorkshire

Day 558: Whitby Chapel, Yorkshire


Reference image:  Pinterest linkie!

So, for today I decided to sketch this old ruined chapel in Whitby, Yorkshire. Something I would imagine was quite a grand abbey at one point given how large it seems to be though it does seem to be a bit isolated (though this could just be the photo). Anyway it was a fun little sketch where I tried to not go too heavy on the shading it to try and make bits stand out but I’m not too sure if I like it (I definitely prefer the style of yesterdays sketch over this one).

Still the actual sketch is pretty nice and fairly accurate given that it was done quite quickly, though I’m hoping the actual image is a bit more interesting than this blog post as I don’t really have much else to say so yer, at least were all caught up again. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow!

Till then!

Day 554: Pipes

Day 554: Pipes


Reference image: Pinterest linkie!

(apologies for the colour of the above image. My kitchen lightbulb really hates me taking photos lol)

So, were back with industry for day 554. This was the image I was originally going to sketch when I did the Steel mill sketch (Day 544: Old Steel Corporation) and I wanted something that should be relatively quick and easy to sketch so I went back to it for day 554. Quite a fun sketch that came out pretty nicely with a bit of artistic license used as well (mainly due to bad sketch layout but we’ll just ignore that). I really lie how the pipe cam out and think I succeeded in making them the focal point of the sketch.

As mentioned in the last entry, I will try to get caught up tonight so hopefully I’ll be back later with day 555.

Till then!



Day 544: Old Steel Corporation

Day 544: Old Steel Corporation


Reference image: Pintrest linkie!

So, rather amazingly were actually on yesterday’s sketch. Yup, we’ve nearly caught up!

Anyway we have a bit of a random sketch for yesterday in the form of this old Steel plant in the US (or at least I assume its in the US). Quite a detailed image that I just loved the look of what with all its industrial parts and the brutal functionality of it (as opposed to the recent stream of quaint countryside villages) and just thought it would make a nice sketch.

Now it’s definitely safe to say that I took some artistic licence cuts with this as anyone that glances at the train tracks will be able to tell but nevermind, the actual Steel Mill came out really nicely (plus I was watching/playing with my one year old son at the time so that’s my excuse). The sky was also a bit of an experiment for me with attempts at stippling to represent the sky and the light areas, the clouds. Not sure it came across completely so may have to work on that but it’s as good or better than any of the other attempts I’ve made at a pen and ink sky.

Right so were now a whole day away from catching up! Seeing as it would seem a shame to not get that done tonight let’s swiftly move on!

Till then!

Day 539: Georgian Faerie house

Day 539: Georgian Faerie house


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

So this on I love, the reference is a really interesting looking cottage in Georgia. Called the Faerie cottage I just loved the unique architecture and the fairly organic look of it, even if it is abandoned.

 As for the actual sketch I really like how it came out. I think it was also a pretty quick sketch which makes it even better with everything just seeming to flow well and probably few distractions. The brickwork is one part that I especially like, not that there’s anything that inherently interesting about it I just think it stands out well.

Anyway I hope your enjoying this attempt at me catching up. I’ve got another 6 to go so there should be a fair bit for you all to take a look at when you next visit!

Till then!

Day 533: Bannack Montana

Day 532: Bannack Montana


Reference image: pinterest linkie!

So, as hinted at in the previous blog I went back to using fine liners for this sketch of a old gold rush town in Montana, USA and choose what thought would be a relatively easy subject to try and get used to them again. Turns out I may have been a bit wrong with r relatively easy subject as this didn’t really go as well as I would have liked with the lines a lot heavier than I intended or wanted them to be.

There are bits that I really like though such as the fence and the bush on the left hand side and the subjects aren’t all that bad just a bit to emphasised in the way that I didn’t mean them to be. Still practise makes perfect right.

So, I think I may take a breather for a hour or so and then commence the blogging again as 4 in a row has made my brain wander a bit.

Till then!

Day 531: Age croft Cemetery Chapel

Day 531: Age croft Cemetery Chapel


Reference image: pintrest linkie!

So another old style building for day 531, but not a lighthouse this time, instead its a old Chapel found here in the UK. I choose the image because of how big I imagined it being and ornate for a cemetery chapel.

Really like the sketch and trying to get all the details in it. Ironically enough coming form the previous day the foliage didn’t really work al that well here and probably could have done with more of a contrast to it even if it wasn’t completely what the reference looked like. I just need to learn that I can be a bit creative with some of the elements when doing these and that they don’t have to be picture perfect in tonal values.

So, onwards again as we try and catch up with day 538!

Till then!

Day 529: Forest Steps

Day 529: Forest Steps


Reference image: Unfortunately I don’t have the reference image for this one but fortunately this is the last one that I think I’m missing.

So, for this days sketch I randomly found these steps in this forest that once upon a time actually led somewhere but now, lead nowehere. I think I really liked them because they reminded me of the Amon Hen scenes in the Lord Of The Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring film (at the end) and I just liked the tonal contrast in it.

As for the sketch I was happy with it. The subject is very obvious which is nice though I did struggle witht he background in it and with some of the surrounding areas. I’m very happy with how the perspective came out on the circular stair case though so that was a good plus.

As for uploading I will definitely have us all caught up by the end of this week as I have at least a day or two mostly to myself this week so that’ll be useful for catching up. For tonight though this is your lot so I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve also been trying to think of ways that I can make this blog more interesting for you guys to look at and read but can’t really think of much. If any of you do have any ideas though, I would love to hear them!

Till then!

Day 526: Forgotten Timetable

Day 526: Forgotten Timetable


Reference image: pintrest link!

So for day 536 I choose to sketch this old double decker bus sat derelict in some woods somewhere. I ;liked it because it looked like the older London buses (though I’ve no idea where it’s actually from as the image link on pintrest isn’t found) and I just quite like the shape of them, especially the front.

The sketch, I think, came out really well as well, with the proportions seeming to work pretty well and the shape being pretty easily distinguishable ( I think that made sense) I think I may have been able to do something better with the trees in the background but overall I do really like it and seeing as the focus is the bus, the trees not being perfect doesn’t really matter all that much.

So, another two down and were only five behind the current day so should be all caught up pretty soon which is good news!

Till then!