Day 704: Polski Meat Market

Day 704: Polski Meat Market, 737 Manhattan Ave, New York


Reference view: map street view link

Time taken: 50 minutes

So, more street shop fronts as I seem to be a bit obsessed with them and am still really enjoying the subject. Yesterday I choose to do a couple of them rather than just one as I thought they made for quite a well composed sketch subject with their unique heights and architectural styles to each of the three shop fronts (well, ok technically there are four of them but two share the centre building.) Really fun sketch to do even if it did take nearly an hour, and does look a little bit dark (though I’m beginning to not mind this as much and just accept it as a part of the technique I’ve got going on). Not sure what you guys think about it though. At least I feel that they’re definitely improving!

Till next time!


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