Day 674: 281-285 Church St, New York

Day 674: 281-285 Church St, New York


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, after the day before sketch I hit the randomise button on google streetview and I bought up this (or just down the street I think but this was much more interesting). Really loved the little café with the buildings around it being a lot taller, kind of gave the café itself a lot more charm as it looks like its a bit out of place but still retains the same urban look as the buildings around it.

Anyway, pretty happy with the sketch. Not completely accurate with scale and some placement but I think a lot of these things are just stuff I notice as I’m the one sketching it, and are probably things that the casual observer wouldn’t, so pointing them out isn’t doing me any favours but oh well, you guys are probably used to it by now. Plus having a point to concentrate on improving on isn’t a bad thing right? (provided of course that I actually do improve on it)

Till next time!



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