Day 644: Station Restaurant, Dartmouth

Day 644: Station Resturant, Dartmouth


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another sketch from inside Dartmouth this time of the old station restaurant which, apparently was built as a railway station intended as a terminus but instead, they decided to scrap the idea and just put the station on the other side of the river in Kingswear (which I should probably try and get a sketch of but nevermind). Quite a odd thing to build the station first but oh well, its makes for a interesting restaurant.

Unfortunately the sketch didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I think I may have chosen a slightly weird angle to have drawn it on and just struggled with it but I learnt some more about perspective so I don’t mind and I’m sure you guys don’t mind the occasional blip either!

Till next time!


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