Day 637: 86-94 Heavitree Rd, Exeter (St Lukes Campus)

Day 637:  86-94 Heavitree Rd, Exeter (St Lukes Campus)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, another sketch from Exeter this time of a  fairly recognisable building (provided you enter Exeter from Heavitree end anyway) in the form of one of the campuses of the Exeter University, housed in this old building here. Quite a imposing building as well with quite a stately look to it and I’d imagine makes for a lovely university inside (not that I’m that likely to go into there to find out). The sketch was quite fun as well though I think I managed to make it a bit to similar in tone throughout so might want to watch that in the future.

Till next time!


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