Day 632: Totnes – The King William IV

Day 632: Totnes – The King William IV


Reference image: Personal photo

Time taken: 40 minutes

Bit of a weird sketch here looking at it in the photo as I seem to have done it on some sort of weird angle but oh well, I’m sure its the camera’s fault and not my sketch. Anyway this was a photo of a pub towards the bottom of the high street in Totnes. I think it caught my interest as t looked a bit out of place in amongst the architecture around it and looked like it had similar architectural styling to a lot of the railway stations that I’ve seen around (which was probably hat drew me to it).

Unfortunately I cant tell you what its like as an pub as we didn’t really have time to go into anywhere in Totnes before having to get the train back but maybe we can return and try it out some other time!

Till next time!


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