Day 628: South Devon Railway (Buckfastliegh St)

Day 628: South Devon Railway (Buckfastliegh St)


reference image: Personal Photo

Time taken: 40 minutes

Another sketch from the SDR (South Devon Railway), this time showing the lovely station and the sidings that can be seen if you turn around from the sketch yesterday (I think that makes sense, basically this is the other end of the station that we looked at yesterday). Got some lovely engines here as well with the one from a few days ago seen to the left of the centre besides the signal post and one that you’ll see in the future to the right.

The station is also in a really nice place with the trees behind it and made for a lovely and really enjoyable sketch. As with yesterday though, I just wish that I could have done the sketch on site. Anyway I hope you lot also enjoy this as much as me and these SDR sketches in general!

Till next time!


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