Day 616: Red Post Hill, London (North Dulwich Station)

Day 615: Red Post Hill, London (North Dulwich Station)


Reference view: google streetview

Time taken: 30 minutes

So, decided to do another rail station for day 615. I also decided to change up my choice of pen nib size, changing from the 0,1 to the 0.3 as I was going through the nibs on the 0,1 pretty quickly. Not that this really means that much to you guys but as it’s a sketching blog, mentioning equipment makes sense to me.

Anyway the actual sketch was quite fun, choose the building because I love the old brick look to it and old station buildings in general. Do seem to have taken a bit of artistic licence with some of the dimensions in this but nevermind and, like usual I wish I’d managed to get more into it than I did but I think I spent some time during this sketch trying to get used t the pen nib and using it at different angles to produce different width lines without wearing the nib down really quickly.

Till next time!


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